The New Xbox Has A Phat Arse [Update]

The New Xbox Has A Phat Arse [Update]

CES always has lots of product reveals and intriguing announcements, but some of the best ones are the most low key. At AMD’s CES keynote on Tuesday morning, the CPU and GPU maker slipped in a brief look at the Xbox Series X’s rear end.

Update: The announcement seemed strange, and now we know why. Microsoft has claimed the whole thing is fake, with AMD pulling renders from a 3D modelling site instead of … getting renders direct from Microsoft. Whoops.

Microsoft: AMD's New Xbox Renders Are Fake

Earlier today, AMD showed off what looked like imagery of the Xbox Series X. Microsoft has since issued a statement shooting down the renders, saying AMD pulled them from a 3D modelling site.

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The reveal was a strange one, as the back was only seen briefly during AMD’s CES keynote in a CG arc shot of the console.

While it may not necessarily be the console’s finalised design, the brief snatch was still enticing. It revealed the Xbox Series X will house two HDMI ports, two USB-C ports, Ethernet and optical out. The traditional two-pin power plug was also visible in the snippet.

The Xbox Series X was revealed in December last year during The Game Awards, and not much is yet know about the console besides its planned release date of ‘Holiday 2020’. While we salivate about its potential, any little morsel we’re thrown is welcome. While we’ve only gotten a brief glimpse, it’s good to see Microsoft are building on compatibility and integration via the Xbox Series X’s stacked rear end.

Until we know more about the console, we can only guess at what exactly Microsoft has planned for its new flagship device.


      • Maybe. But they did for the original Xbox One, apparently to reduce overheating. But hey, like Matt above said, the figure 8 cable makes it look like it doesn’t. But then, I’ve seen weird proprietary powerbricks with strange fittings before…

    • It’s common for double insulated devices to ship with two-pin AC power plugs. With a plastic chassis, safety standards wouldn’t require the earth pin.

  • Microsoft has confirmed that it did not supply the images AMD used in this presentation and that they don’t represent the console’s final design.

  • Man i hope those usb type c ports are thunderbolt or at least DP out capable – would love to be able to use displayport to my monitors so i can actually use the freesync and the 4k

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