Let The Nvidia RTX 3080 And RTX 3070 Leaks Begin

rtx 3080 rtx 3070 leaked specsImage: Kotaku

AMD's finally ready to jump into the real-time ray traced game this year, so naturally, Nvidia needs a response. So it's rather timely that some leaks of the next Nvidia line would appear, sporting a decidedly mammoth 20GB GDDR6 RAM.

The leaks come from Chinese tech site MyDrivers, which is reporting that the first new cards from Nvidia's Ampere family. They'll be the first Nvidia cards from the 7nm process node, which should be a massive bump to performance and power efficiency - and Nvidia cards are already pretty efficient compared to their AMD equivalents.

The leaks only centre on two cards, which come in two variants each:

Nvidia's Rumoured GA103 (likely Geforce RTX 3080)

  • 10 or 20GB GDDR6 RAM
  • 320-bit memory interface width
  • 60 SMs
  • 3480 stream processors

Nvidia's Rumoured GA104 Specs (likely Geforce RTX 3070)

  • 8 or 16GB GDDR6 RAM
  • 256-bit memory interface width
  • 48 SMs
  • 3072 stream processors

For reference, the RTX 2080 Super has a 256-bit memory interface width, 8GB GDDR6 RAM, 3072 CUDA cores, which works out to be about 48 SMs since each SM holds 64 cores.

It's hugely unlikely that the gaming-oriented cards will actually have 20GB GDDR6 RAM. Instead, Nvidia's more likely to pack that amount of RAM into the Quadro line of workstation cards built off GA103. There's a chance you might see 16GB/20GB/24GB on something beastly like the next iteration of the RTX 2080 Ti, or whatever the new Titan XP gets called. But if Nvidia wants to tout anything as being playable at 8K, there's going to need to be a substantial increase in memory, although better frame rates at 4K is probably a better target for this generation of GPUs.

What would you like to see from the new AMD and Nvidia GPUs this year?


    Nvidia to stop selling so many cheapo variations of their graphic cards and just bring the consumer price down,

    AMD still needs a bit of catch up in terms of creating a quality card tho the 5700XT came close, I've had some problems with mine but the value is still there.

    "But if Nvidia wants to tout anything as being playable at 8K"

    Wait what? Has NVidia actually said any such thing?

    A very small percentage of players even game at 4k let alone wanting 8. (Besides the fact there are really no 8k screen yet)

    Mind you it drive innovation and card power I guess. whether we use it for 8k or not.

      8K output is going to be a feature of the new consoles - and TVs this year - so it's inevitably going to crop up as a feature.

      I'd rather have nice stable 4K / 120-144fps with screens that don't need active cooling, though.

    Still rocking my GTX 1070 and it does just fine. I'll need an upgrade sooner or later, especially with next gen console ports most likely on the horizon but it's doing a decent job for now.

      Mate, I'm still chilling on my 980ti. Might be power-hungry as but it still cranks out respectable frame rates.

    We need to just stop at 4K. It's already so niche as it is and we will never need anything more. The next step is not resolution.

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