Oh No, Is The Bear Behind Me?

Oh No, Is The Bear Behind Me?
Screenshot: <a href="https://twitter.com/warrior_musa/status/1219348632173858818">Twitter</a>

This week on Snapshots, big explosions in Ghost Recon, angry Star Wars people, a lonely little hat in Red Dead Redemption II, colourful fireworks in Mad Max and one really scary bear.

That Days Gone photo makes me want to go back and explore that world more and maybe also eventually beat that game. I also love seeing folks playing that Mad Max game from a few years back. It was gorgeous and fun!

ImageTwitter)” loading=”lazy” > Control (Screenshot: @_Virtualtourism, Twitter)
ImageTwitter)” loading=”lazy” > Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (Screenshot: @NoviKaiba23, Twitter)
ImageStar Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Screenshot: liqui6, Email)
ImageInstagram)” loading=”lazy” > Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Screenshot: @Firescorpio_photo, Instagram)
ImageTwitter)” loading=”lazy” > Days Gone (Screenshot: @Vikingdad278, Twitter)
ImageTwitter)” loading=”lazy” > Red Dead Redemption II (Screenshot: Alex Crowley, Twitter)
ImageTwitter)” loading=”lazy” > Shadow Of The Tomb Raider (Screenshot: @InquistorAles, Twitter)
ImageMad Max (Screenshot: Chris Gallegos, Email)
ImageNo Man’s Sky (Screenshot: Ten of Diamonds, Email)
ImageTwitter)” loading=”lazy” > Red Dead Redemption II (Screenshot: @warrior_musa, Twitter)

RIP Arthur. You were taken from us too soon.

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