Platinum Games Goes Into Business With Tencent

Platinum Games Goes Into Business With Tencent
Image: Platinum Games, Official Site

Osaka-based studio Platinum Games has announced that it’s going into a capital tie-up with Tencent Holdings. As the Chinese conglomerate invests in the game maker, Platinum Games president Kenichi Sato states, “Our company’s independence will not be changed.”

Platinum Games was founded in 2007 and is perhaps best known for its Bayonetta series and Nier: Automata, which it developed for Square Enix. 

Sato adds in an official release that the company’s core management will remain in place and that the studio will continue to publish its own games as it continues its goal of making high-quality games.

Tencent is the biggest video game company in the world, and with this latest investment, it continues to get bigger and bigger. Here’s hoping that Platinum Games retains its lustre. 

ImageImage: Platinum Games, Official Site


  • Our company’s independence will not be changed.
    They may as well have been waving a white flag in surrender to the internet while screaming, “We swear we’re not like Blizzard!”

    I hope it actually remains true, but I highly doubt it.

      • Oh and dont forget when Blizz was bought out by Activision! Yup totally the same company after the merger! 😀

        • Heh. ‘Merger’. When you can’t call it a ‘takeover’ because of a legal technicality, but the highest layers of management are 100% Activision.

  • why all these companies are so greedy and get into bed with this nation is beyond me. its almost like their leadership have no morals nor qualms about the Chinese regime

    • Never gonna happen in China. China doesn’t have the competition laws many western countries have. Not to mention its easy to placate the CCP with generous donations.

  • This is so fucking sad. Platinum deserved better. They kept making amazing games and those games kept on selling just enough for them to never hit the big time.

    I don’t blame them. They’re probably sick of being perpetually on the verge of big things that never actually happen. This will give them the push they need to have the massive dev and marketing budgets that produce multi million sellers.

    It just sucks it had to come at the expense of their independence.

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