The PS4 Has Sold More Than 106 Million Consoles, PSVR Passes 5 Million

The PS4 Has Sold More Than 106 Million Consoles, PSVR Passes 5 Million
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Sony had bugger all news to announce about the PS5 – other than a straightforward logo – but they did reveal some good numbers about the generation that’s about to end.

The most successful console of all time is still the PlayStation 2, with more than 155 million units sold. The PlayStation 4 hasn’t gotten anywhere near that, and nor has anything else that wasn’t the Nintendo DS. But it’s still been a ripper of a generation for the company, with SIE president and CEO Jim Ryan announcing that the company had sold over 106 million PS4s.

Image: Sony (CES 2020)

The PSVR’s success isn’t to be discounted either. Around 5 million sales puts it in the same territory as the Mini NES, which is a big deal when you consider the price point and margin on the PSVR. That’s not a bad result for the company’s first crack at VR, considering the hardware’s significant hardware limitations, and those numbers should only grow given the headset’s compatibility with the PS5.

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For comparison, the 106 million is leagues ahead of everything else this generation. The Switch has sold just under 42 million units so far, and Microsoft stopped reporting numbers of Xbox One sales in 2015. The best estimates so far put Xbox One sales at around 46.9 million units. For a historical comparison of the PS4’s success, the PlayStation and original Wii sold 102.49 million and 101.63 million units respectively.


  • While I am a tiny bit disappointed that Sony didn’t reveal any more information, I’m kind of glad they didn’t as it means now they’ll be able to have their own even to showcase the PS5, rather than have it lost in the midst of TV’s and other tech.

    …not even a tiny glimpse or tease of the unit or controller?

    But yes, the sales numbers are impressive.

  • I gave in, and finally picked up PSVR for my vanilla PS4 and have to say that as a non-believer to that point, it really has blown me away. Admittingly I’ve only really played FNAF VR and Rush of Blood extensively, I’d say the time I’ve put into them have been worth it. Now I just need to grab Beat Saber so the rest of the household has something to play!

  • 5 million sounds like a hell of a lot of VR headsets, especially since there doesn’t seem to have been a lot of AAA support for it. Although I guess that’s the luxury of selling 100m+ consoles… Even a relatively niche product (<5% attach rate) still ends up being a decent number in terms of actual units.

  • The number of PS+ subs surprises me a little at only a third of unit sales and monthly users. I didn’t really find a great deal of value in it but this kind of confirms my thoughts.

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