Sony’s Brilliant Noise Cancelling Earbuds Are On Sale [Update: There’s A Better Deal]

Sony’s Brilliant Noise Cancelling Earbuds Are On Sale [Update: There’s A Better Deal]
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The best set of noise cancelling headphones you can buy today are still the Sony 1000XM3 over-ears. That was until Sony took all that tech and squeezed it into earbuds that were just as good. Now, the WF-1000XM3’s are on sale.

Update 2:15pm: There’s an even better deal. Amazon are still offering the buds for $299, but you can grab them for $289 through local PC retailer Mwave:

Image: Mwave

Deal ends this weekend or until stock lasts. More info here, and the rest of the original story appears below.

They’ve been selling for more than $400 until the $299 Boxing Day deal appeared on Amazon. Today, that deal is back.

The strength with Sony’s earbuds – and their over-ears too – has always been the sound and the active noise cancelling, with the hands-free calling more of a side feature. Gizmodo Australia’s editor Tegan absolutely loved the XM3 earbuds when they came out last year, and around the traps in Australia they’re consistently the one product I hear other tech reviewers recommending whenever someone asks about a set of headphones.

If you can’t live without over-ears, the Sony WH-1000XM3’s are available for $373 – but if you can get all the active noise cancellation without the hassle of a headband, why not get the $299 deal? There’s more info over at the Amazon page.


  • I’ve absolutely struggled with the Airpods due to the weird inner ear shape, so this is a great excuse to spend more money

  • Bought a (black) set of these for my wife last year when Sony was selling them for $249.95 for PS+ subscribers. She’s very happy with them.

  • Bought a set for myself. Useless. Was really surprised given the cost of them. Not much point returning to supplier, they work but the noise cancelling is crap. I’m a huge Sony fan too so this was a real sting in the tail. I have the over ears which are excellent. These are not worth anything. Wife finally got me AirPods Pro and at least… they work.

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