Square Enix Delays Final Fantasy VII Remake And Avengers

Square Enix Delays Final Fantasy VII Remake And Avengers

Final Fantasy VII Remake is delayed from March 3 to April 10 while the upcoming Avengers game is bumped from May to September, publisher Square Enix said this morning. 

In a statement, Final Fantasy VII Remake producer Yoshinori Kitase said that game’s delay was for “extra polish.” The heads of Avengers development studio Crystal Dynamics said something similar: “To that end, we will spend this additional development time focusing on fine tuning and polishing the game to the high standards our fans expect and deserve.”

Delay season has begun. Please look forward to whatever delays are next.


  • Was this FF7 remake only of the first third of the game with the rest to be sold seperately later or did I dream that?

    • Yes but also no.
      It’s comfortably padded out so it’ll hurt more when Jessie, Biggs and Wedge become a thin layer of goo.

    • Its split into separate episodes but they haven’t revealed just how many episodes there will be.
      Midgard alone was a lot less than a third of the game.

      • The original Midgar portion was pretty long actually. Even though the original game shipped on 3 discs you need to remember that the only stuff that was on disc 3 was the final area and the final boss fight. The majority of the game was on the first two discs., and you spend a long time in Midgar before finally being able to explore the world outside it. While it’s not a third of the game, it’s actually pretty close to maybe a quarter of it.

        • I would say close to a quarter is still being overly generous, that’s an any% speedrun on a damn good day.
          Usually getting through Midgar takes between a 5th of 6th of a playthrough depending on how much of the game you’d consider essential.
          (I’m 100% lol)
          It’s certainly a large portion of the game but that’s more because of how long you spend in the one spot, the rest of the story dwarfs Midgar by a lot.

          Im a little interested and worried how they will handle the episodes after Midgar because stuffing everything else in to another 2 episodes seems like it would require a lot of cutting and rushing.
          You gotta remember that the world becomes very interconnected once you leave and there’s a lot of back tracking and revisiting involved.
          For example where would you end the second game, leaving Juno, the first visit to Golden Saucer, the second visit to The GS following the Temple of the Ancients? Even with a game that large your still looking at an absolutely massive amount of locations and story to chew through.
          Like I said, interested and worried.

        • I should add that I play VII every year or so, I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to that game lol.
          (It used to be twice a year)

          I know it’s gonna break my heart.

          • Not often enough to spell “Midgar” correctly, evidently (your first post) 😉

            I jest. I’m looking forward to the remake, and I hope it meets your expectations too.

          • It auto corrects every damn, it’s infuriating because my phone is weirdly selective on correction and prediction.

            Honestly, I was against a remake because I’m worried they won’t do it justice, I always hoped they would continue with the story that’s been teased through Dirge and Crisis Core but I admit it’s been far too long in the world of games and sequels.
            Despite my reservations it’s hard not to get a little excited about it all so I’ve come to accept that it’s happening and will be there day one (or two, thanks Easter)

  • I do wonder if they will incorporate a good chunk of Crisis Core into the game as playable flashback sequences or something.

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