Teamfight Tactics Is Hitting Phones In March

Teamfight Tactics has been a massive hit for Riot Games, but it’s missing one key feature that rival auto battlers has: it’s not on phones. This quarter, that all changes.

Along with the theme of the next season of TFT, Riot announced their auto battler would be ported to mobiles by the end of the first quarter. The game’s been updated to remove some hard counters and some of the disable-centric compositions that cause the most grievances, like Demons and Hextech.

The third set is planned to go live in mid-March, roughly when TFT‘s mobile launch with full cross-play is planned. Riot mentioned “most countries” would get the game at launch, but didn’t confirm whether Australia was included in that launch group or not. (I’ve chased up Riot for an answer, but due to timezones a response wasn’t available by today.)

TFT hitting phones would be a huge step for Riot. Along with Wild Rift‘s imminent release, it promises to expand the company’s player base in the order of tens of millions. Auto battlers are huge on phones, thanks to games like Auto Chess and Dota Underlords. TFT managed to find 33 million monthly players just on PC within months of its release, and the game’s success saw the average peak concurrent players for League soar by 30%.


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