TemTem, Which Totally Isn’t Pokemon, Is Having A Rough Launch

TemTem, Which Totally Isn’t Pokemon, Is Having A Rough Launch

World of Warcraft-style queues weren’t what I’d bargained for upon opening Temtem, the PC MMO that’s absolutely not Pokemon, but the early access game has had a bit of a rough day.

Today marks the early access launch for TemTem, which raised over $838,900 back in 2018. Developers Crema have had a few stress tests since then, but as anyone knows, betas don’t hold a candle to a proper launch.

Just under 30,000 players have jumped on the early access launch already, vaulting the Not Pokemon MMO into Steam’s top 15 games for the day. Unfortunately, the game has struggled to deal with the level of interest, with users complaining about long queue times, massive server lag and other frustrations.

It took me about 45 minutes this afternoon to jump into a game, and after going through the customisation process and outfitting my character, I was presented with a black screen for 10 minutes while the background music played. The game crashed, so naturally I had to restart … where I was dropped into the 6126th place in the queue.

The game has already gotten just under 1,100 reviews on Steam, with a 75 percent “mostly positive” rating. Connection issues are the primary thing mentioned throughout most of the reviews, good or bad. Some players have gotten through the queue gauntlet, only to get into the game and find themselves permanently stuck.

And sometimes the game locks up midway through:

Or the server drops out:

And some players have been dropped out, only to find their starter and captured Temtem are missing.

https://twitter.com/LordMuse2/status/1219815931221704704 https://twitter.com/kronos_tds/status/1219810514139779079

To their credit, the developers have been hugely active over the last 24 hours. New server configurations and hotfixes have been rolled out; some of the hotfixes were even rolled back within hours. The company also noted a strange bug where users with poor connections could create a laggy experience for other users:

But the studio hasn’t shied away from the issues. They’ve posted 29 tweets addressing or acknowledging issues users have had in the last 10 hours, touching on lag, hotfixes, and an unfortunate limitation of the starting town which couldn’t handle 20,000 players at once:

That capacity is being increased, according to a tweet in the last hour, however. Crema are also fixing three of the biggest early access issues right now, including the loss of Tems following server restarts, game lockups during battle and being stuck out of bounds after reconnecting.

In most instances, an indie game having their day one early access launch wouldn’t run into these sorts of massive server issues. But there’s a perfect storm of problems for the Pokemon-like MMO. It’s January, so there’s not a huge amount of competition when it comes to fresh games, particularly streamers who are looking for new things for their audience. It’s also the closest PC players have ever come to an official Pokemon MMO, which is a massive deal in and of itself. Those two things have proved to be more than Temtem can handle today.

On the bright side, at least the Temtem animations are cute to watch.

TemTem, Which Totally Isn’t Pokemon, Is Having A Rough Launch


  • I think all things considering they’re handling this a hell of a lot better than some other gaming companies I could name. I’m not surprised the servers are overloaded. Though I’d really prefer to be playing today (almost all my game time was waiting for things to load/server communication) they look like they’re aware of the issues and are working to fix them.

    Bethesda take note of this!

    • Yup, this is why early access can sometimes play into your favour. If you can fix the issues early on and create a positive vibe around your product even when things like this happen, that goes a long way to ensuring your product can cut through to an audience. It’s the one thing I really did wish more AAA studios tried to do, Anthem and Fallout 76 would have been received entirely differently if they’d followed this path at the start.

  • Sounds like my “don’t buy games that are in early access” policy has worked out well for me here. I’ll wait until it’s finished before jumping on board.

  • I am excited to play this game (once the coop is working)
    but it is very frustrating seeing people call this game a “Pokemon killer” but in the same breath say “cut them some slack they are just an indie company!”
    I get that they are an indie company and that means limited resource but in order to really be a Pokemon killer they need to be hitting the same benchmarks. If Gamefreak released a game with this many issues there would be riots in the streets.
    This game AS A FRANCHISE has the potential to at least compete with Pokemon if the creator gets a nice cash injection and make an amazing sequel with more than 70 critters

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