That Anime Women As Battleships Game Comes To PS4 And Steam Next Month

That Anime Women As Battleships Game Comes To PS4 And Steam Next Month

Mobile side-scrolling shooter Azur Lane is a 2D game about historical naval vessels personified as anime characters doing battle in an alternate timeline World War II. Its PS4 and Steam spin-off Azure Lane: Crosswave, is a 3D action shooter about historical naval vessels personified as anime characters. It launches in North America on February 13. I’m game.

I’ve dabbled a bit with the free-to-play mobile game, created by Chinese developers Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi. It’s a neat little gacha game for iOS and Android, with lots of parts to upgrade and ship women to collect. I’m not quite sure what’s going on in the PlayStation 4 and PC version. The action looks like this.


Or this.


Looks like squads of three ships doing something on the water. The console/PC game is developed by Japan’s Compile Heart and published by Idea Factory, known for their quirky, sometimes racy anime RPGs, action, and strategy games, so I feel like there’ll be a whole lot of character and the odd embarrassing moment.


You can visit the official website to try and make sense of it all. Or wait until its February 13 (February 20 in Europe) launch to see what other players have to say about this weird mobile spin-off thing.


  • With the glitch messing up thumbnails, I thought this was about Kantai Collection for a second (that other anime women as battleships game)

  • From what I’m aware of the ‘something’ is a somewhat accurate translation of the 2D game onto a 3D field, completely with the bullet hell shenanigans that makes the mobile game so fun.

    I went from a possible pass to a preorder when they announced it being ported to Steam. I can’t say no to my yandere fox.

    • clicking through the site, it does look like they just converted the 2D side scrolling mobile game to a third person shooter akin to anime

      at least I’m intrigued by the idea since I still have the mobile game installed

  • Have not the time to play the phone one (any phone time is already used on FGO), but i have been intrigued by this game for a while so will probably give the PC version a try.

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