That Aussie Wasteland-RPG, Frog Detective 3 Get State Funding

That Aussie Wasteland-RPG, Frog Detective 3 Get State Funding

Remember the Aussie turn-based RPG from PAX that had echoes of Wasteland, or the recent Frog Detective games? Their futures are a little brighter now, with Film Victoria announcing the pair had been funded in the latest round of production grants and assistance.

Along with Broken Roads and Frog Detective 3, the full list of grants include games like Shop Drifter, the VR-only N1NE: The Splintered Mind, Chaos Tavern, and a few unannounced projects including one from the makers of Paperbark.

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The full list of games funded is:

  • Nine: The Splintered Mind, Part 1 – OD1N Studios
  • Shop Drifter – Studio Zero
  • Unannounced Project – Massive Monster
  • Chaos Tavern – DragonBear Studios
  • Frog Detective 3 – Worm Club
  • Broken Roads – Drop Bear Bytes
  • Beating Heart – Ultimerse
  • Wood & Weather – Paper House


  • It’s a shame that it seems to mostly be Labor governments supporting the arts – videogames in this case. The coalition, both on a federal and state level, doesn’t seem to value it that much, if reduced funding for the arts is anything to go by.

    For all their claims of supporting industries and businesses etc., you’d think that they would support the growth of the Australian videogame industry.

    • It seems that the coalition doesn’t value *most* things that support the cultural and societal growth of Australia! I’m glad we keep re-electing them /s.

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