Torchlight Spin-Off Is Now Officially A Numbered Torchlight Sequel

Torchlight Spin-Off Is Now Officially A Numbered Torchlight Sequel

, a premium PC action RPG that developer Echtra Games considers a true successor to Torchlight I and II.

According to Max Schaefer, founder of Echtra Games and co-creator of the original Torchlight with the now-defunct Runic Games, the change from free-to-play spin-off to premium sequel came about through a combination of the natural development process and feedback from Torchlight: Frontiers alpha testers.

Now that the free-to-play nonsense is off the table, Torchlight III will be modelled after the classic Diablo-style action RPG gameplay of the first two games. It’s got the same bright, colourful and quirky art style. Players will choose from four classes”the enchanting Dusk Mage, robotic Forge, powerful Railmaster, and one to-be-announced. There’ll be epic looks, pets, account-based bases to store players’ stuff. All this playable online and offline.


Thank goodness. I’ve been a fan of this series since the first game, and imagining it as a watered-down free-to-play title broke my heart just a little bit. This is excellent news.


  • Been in the Alpha for ages. Game is good fun. Hopefully them going from free to play with cash shop to a full priced title helps them achieve more.

      • Yeah I can understand. A lot of people see f2p and then the thought of cash shop hits them in the face like a truck.

  • Well this has just gone from a ‘lost all interest’ to a ‘day one purchase’ – here’s hoping it gets the sort of modding support which kept the second game going so well (especially when their sample mods included spells for your pets so your dog could shoot bees when it barked)

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