Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection And Goat Simulator Are January’s PS Plus Games

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection And Goat Simulator Are January’s PS Plus Games

Sure, that Uncharted film is stuck in development hell, but the games aren’t and you soon you will be able to get the first three games for free if you have PS Plus. Or maybe you just want to be a goat. Little odd, but hey, you will probably enjoy Goat Simulator which is the other PS Plus game this month.

As always, these games are only “free” if you have an active PlayStation Plus membership. These games will be available from January 7 to February 3.

You still have a few days left to pick up last month’s free games, which includes Titanfall 2.


  • The trouble with the ‘free’ games system, is that I tend to own most games I want to play.
    Sure there have been some PS+ surprises like Gone Home and Meat Boy but the vast majority of the time it offers games I have no interest in playing

  • Uncharted is good for people that haven’t played it, but it’s always so cheap so who doesn’t have it by this point? Weak month for sure, though at least last month revitalised the Titanfall 2 community

  • Well, that’s not bad, I guess. I don’t own either, but I also didn’t really care for either… at least it’ll be in the library if someone house-sits and wants to go through my game library? I dunno, I’m low on use-cases for some of these.

  • I think this month is a perfect example of how just having the 2 games has diminished the ‘value’ of the PS Plus offering. Both games aren’t ‘bad’ (in fact Uncharted Collection is actually quite good if you haven’t play it before with 3 of the best PS3 games in 1 package) but as noted above, if you liked these games, you probably have played them already.

    When we had 6 games, it increased the likelihood of cross buy gems which you would never have thought of before. The PS4 quality of games has almost definitely increased since moving to just 2 games, but this also means more likely that many people have them already.

    Having looked at the list of games from PS Plus, I only realised this morning that I haven’t played a game received in my subscription since September 2018.

    For someone like me (and I assume I am not alone) I only play online sparingly with friends and if I am not playing these ‘free’ games, the value of the service is dubious. That being said, those infrequent online gaming sessions still require the same subscription as someone who spends 6+ hours a night on COD..

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