We Are All This Detective Pikachu Plush

I feel you, Detective Pikachu. 2020 has not got off to the greatest start.

This wrinkled and very sad plush, which came out in Japan last year, is available today at the Pokémon Centre for $US20 ($29). He is almost unfathomably cute.


    what's wrong with 2020?

      Yeah, it hasn't been around long enough to get all that bad. Still got that new year smell.


        Hmm, New Year Smell smells a lot like burning koalas...

        Ugh! I feel dirty even writing that joke.

      It’s an internet thing that combines the unrealistic expectation that a new year is a clean state with ongoing events like the Australian bushfires and the rising tensions with Iran.

        Not enough, we need more problems

        Someone else start the problems cause I'm too lazy

        Oh yeah, those giant things that no sensible person would forget about.

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