What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It's pouring buckets in Sydney, which is the perfect time for playing video games.

One of the games that is sitting pretty on Steam right now is Lightmatter, a light-bending puzzler that has an hour-long free demo on Steam right now. It looks a bit Talos Principle-esque, which is exactly my jam.

Beyond that, it'll mostly be enjoying the wet weather, patting some stray cats, seeing some friends, and maybe convincing friends to play Duck Game on the Switch. Everyone should play Duck Game.

My Favourite Games Of 2015: Duck Game

I made a concerted effort to enjoy games with a greater co-op vibe, following a substantial upgrade of my living room earlier this year. That involved purchasing a nice 60” TV and re-using some old PC parts to make a beefy Steam machine; I wasn’t about to let those efforts go to waste. So I continued to explore. And one game still stands out, one that I’ve continued to enjoy over the months. And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that I grew up with lots of ducks.

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What are you playing this weekend?


    Still battling through Jedi Fallen Order. I’ve reached a slump where the game just isn’t that much fun to play.

    More Tales of Vesperia. Still need to advance the story past Mantaic and into the desert, then onto the time travel dream sequence town whose name I can't recall

    Code Vein will occupy most of my time this weekend. Things have been kicked up a notch and are heading towards end game though there's still a little way to go before I get there.

      The worst part of the game was the Cathedral. Once your past that, it becomes enjoyable again.

        Funnily enough I just finished the Cathedral last night which is what I meant when I said "Kicked things up a notch". It really was a slog.

          I've now finished the game. Cathedral is the WORST part in the game. Being that the map was confusing, took way too long and reused a lot of graphical elements throughout the level design. The enemies, at least, were interesting.

      Yeah me too, defined enjoying it more than the Surge games for a soulslike. It’s got it own aesthetic going on.

        I'm a huge fan of the God Eater and Freedom Wars games so I'm enjoying it too. Although it cribs heavily from Dark Souls, it also feels like an extension of God Eater if it became more of an open world action game.

    Have returned to FF14 again. Pushing through the end stages of Stormblood just so I can get to Shadowbringers to see what all the hype is about. Close, so very close.

      How many hours roughly from start to stormblood?

    Continuing with FFXIV - just started Stormblood. Maybe some Destiny, and will probably endeavour to find some time to try Kakarot.

    Hoping to get my Clank! Legacy campaign started. Can't wait.

    Slay the Spire, as usual. Have hit ascension 17 with defect and silent, ironclad is lagging behind at 15, so I do believe I'll mostly be taking my lumps with him. Can't wait for Watcher to hit consoles!

    The Outer worlds. Loving it although a touch easy (on hard setting). Only just left the first planet though.

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