What Games On Your Backlog Do You Want To Finish This New Year?

What Games On Your Backlog Do You Want To Finish This New Year?

Every December, I wonder where the year went. Every week before January 1st, I wonder what games from my backlog I will finally get to in the New Year.

There’s so many games I need to tackle, going all the way back to the PS2. Suikoden V, Rogue Galaxy, and Valkyrie Profile call out to me from the shelves. My Nintendo section has gone neglected; I have to get to Pikmin 3, Skyward Sword, Mad World, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and the first No More Heroes before the third one comes out. My Microsoft collection goes back a full generation as I still have to play games like Eternal Sonata, Infinite Undiscovery, Deadly Premonition, and of course, Lost Odyssey. I’ve tried to keep on top of this generation, but I’m badly behind on Witcher 3, even though I’m about a fifth of the way through the game and really enjoying it.

I do hope to catch up on some of my portable gaming library. Radiant Historia, Dragon III Code VFO, Trace Memory, and A Link Between Worlds are on my must-play list. Of course, having purchased HD versions of classics, there are a lot of retro games I want to make time for. But will that mean I have to put off some of the new titles coming out this year?

I realise having too many games to play is a good problem to have, and I’m grateful to all the incredible developers and artists who’ve created all these amazing worlds to visit.

So Kotaku, the question today is, what games on your backlog do you most hope to finish in the New Year?

Editor’s Note: This article has the US release date. We will update this article as soon as possible with an Australian release date, if available.


  • PC
    The Outer Worlds
    My Time at Portia
    Homeworld Deserts of Kharak
    the DLC Missions from Ace Combat 7
    whatever games that are in Origin Access
    whatever games I Brought from Humble Monthly (e.g. Yakuza)

    Detroit Become Human
    Heavy Rain
    whatever games that are from PSPlus

    • I was genuinely surprised at how much I enjoyed Detroit. I liked Heavy Rain but absolutely hated Beyond Two Souls, so gave up on David Cage after that. Only tried Detroit because it was on PS+, and I’m glad I did.

  • PS4:
    Death Stranding
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Modern warfare campaign

    Witcher 3
    Darksiders genesis
    Star Wars Jedi fallen order

    On the Nintendo front:
    Luigi’s mansion 3, xenoblade chronicles 2, octopath traveler, Pokemon sword, links awakening, astral chain, fire emblem 3 houses, daemon x machina, marvel ultimate alliance 3, diablo 3, star link, Travis strikes again, mark of the ninja, Pokémon let’s go Eevee, world ends with you, hollow knight and last but not least dead cells.
    Thankfully I’m going on a trip to China where I can only bring my switch. Feels like a good time to knock off some of these.

  • I don’t have a backlog. They’re games, not work. I don’t have to catch up with anything. If it’s fun I play, if it’s not? I put it down and do something better with my time.

    The way these articles read it sounds like the author has 3hrs every day to fill with gaming and doesn’t know what to do if they don’t make their quota. Seriously there’s a whole world out there.

      • Yeh… Maybe. But it’s true. Gaming can take over your life. I think the idea of a backlog is a bad one. Game if you want to. Don’t game just to fill your days. I speak from experience.

        • I can kinda see what you mean

          One of my friends sits there completing games one after another, 100% achievements all day, doesn’t even watch cutscenes or bothers to explore the game, if he’s stuck he looks it online on his phone instead of figuring it out himself, always put the difficulty to easy so he can beat the game as fast as possible, only does harder modes if it’ll give him an achievement, and he doesn’t look like he’s having fun either, he never goes back to a game once he’s finished it

          It’s like some people need “projects” to do, and smashing out games is one of them

          As far as this article is concerned though, I can’t imagine it’s like how my friend sees it, I imagine it’s just a “You guys finished anything? Where they good?”

    • Or maybe instead of purposely reading this in the most (insult slur for mentally challenged person here) you could think for a second.
      Its not like it could possibly just mean games you haven’t yet had time to play and want to finally get to, maybe games that came out while you were playing something else, maybe games that came out while you were in a very busy period of work/study.
      jeez why do people go out of their way to interpret things as poorly as they can.

      • jeez why do people go out of their way to interpret things as poorly as they can.

        That’s a good question man. Why did you do that?

        Thanks for the insult. it’s a shame you felt the need to say that when indeed, I just interpreted it a different way than you. I guess you’ve really shown your true colours. Anyone who sees things different from you is a (insult slur for mentally challenged person here). You have no idea of my personal history with gaming or my personal circumstances. I wasn’t referring to you or anyone else, just saying that I game for fun and think that the concept of a backlog (something you need to clear) is a damaging one.

        Ppl who you don’t agree with aren’t automatically (insult slur for mentally challenged person here). Gotta also congratulate you for insulting my personal views so soon in the new year. You don’t seem nice. You should do better.

        • But even by your explanation here, i interpreted what you said correctly.
          You were just having a slightly more veiled go at people who think the way you described. I was pointing out that no one was even meaning it that way when they say a ‘backlog’.

  • i just finished God Of War and started to play Far Cry 5, but….i think ill come back to that later, Considering how it ends, ive been putting that off for a while now.
    Still got Red Dead 2 & Witcher 3 to play. But those are some intense time sinks.

  • I’ve got 3 Yakuza games waiting to be started (6, Kiwami 2 and Judgement), so hopefully I’ll get through at least a couple of those.

  • I’m currently going through Death Stranding and have Fallen Order to get through. I have 2 weeks of holidays left before my free time goes to zero, there is a backlog of games I would also like to play, but I am content that I will not get to them until next Christmas.

    • Have fun. Fallen order is quite cool. Certainly came out better than i feared it might.
      Not gonna comment on death stranding 😛

  • After buying it at launch, I finally started Witcher 3 for the first time about a week and a half ago. Loving it so far!

    • That’s why I rarely buy anything at launch these days – I pay full price for it but by the time I get around to actually playing it it has been on sale for half price or less, so I might as well have waited for the sale!

      So I’ve learned that lesson and don’t pay full price unless I’m actually going to play it right away.

  • Fallout 4. I play it a lot but I get a bad case of restartitis once I get around level 60. So this playthrough I WILL complete it all

    • Heh, I’m playing it again too

      At level 90 so far, doing the final bits of the Nuka Theme Park DLC thingy

      I’m purposely making the raider bases stupidly strong so when they betray me they’ll be a fun obstacle in the Commonwealth

      Playing on survival too, cause I love the long romantic walks with the occasional beep beep land mine run panic and almost get blown apart

      Also building settlements is just too much fun

      • haha Gage let me out of the arena and he and the rest of the raiders immediately died of Kinetic energy poisoning 😀

  • I want to complete Monster Hunter 4U, but I need some kind of performance enhancing drug to beat the final offline stage where you get molested by three OP monsters in a small arena

  • I got the remastered edition of Dead Souls when it came out, and I played the hell out of it in the first few days, got distracted by something else, left it for a few months, and now I’ll have to start from scratch again, because I don’t remember what I was doing in it, nor what the hell all the buttons do.

    Shame mode.

  • Finally getting into Shadow Warrior since Fanatical had the sequel for under $6, and I wanted to experience the first one before trying some of the sequel’s co-op with friends 🙂

  • Well i finally got my Nier automata to work after having to do a windows reinstall for other reasons (moved from a 120gb SSD to 1tb). it kept crashing upon entering that early desert section, now it doesnt.
    Pretty excited to finally be able to play more of it. Cool atmosphere, great music, fun combat and amazing android butt, whats not to love?

    Also gonna try and finally finish witcher 3.
    A bit after 3 came out was the first i ever heard of them, so i played through a fully modded 1 and 2 which was great.
    Then I got onto 3 and had kinda burned out, plus i hated the combat in comparison to number 2, so i stopped playing right after you kill a griffin.
    Coming back now after quite a while im hoping ill be able to deal with the combat better. Plus im really feeling it this time, after some time off and then watching the new show, so i wont get burned out.

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