What Happens When Guile Lets His Hair Down

What Happens When Guile Lets His Hair Down
Image: <a href="https://www.j-gel.jp/index.html">J-Gel</a>

For years, we’ve seen Guile’s hair when it’s up. The iconic character has even been used to sell hair gel in Japan. But what happens when he lets it down?

Twitter user Ishiyuki has provided this helpful guess as to how his hair works. It shows the different lengths of Guile’s hair to achieve this iconic hairdo: green depicts the short hair, blue shoes the medium length hair, and red shows the longer hair.

If Guile lets his hair down, then it would probably look like this, no? 


  • I honestly believe Guile and Ben from Tekken must use a full litre of gel each, then when it’s haircut time, they both sit bathing their neighbour’s hedgerow as the gardener comes through with the hedgetrimmer! There is no other way possible!

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