What's The Best Game Featuring Holidays?

For most of us, today is a day off work, but what's your favourite game featuring a character taking a break?

With my retro-inspired hat on, I'd be tempted to perhaps nominate Sonic Adventure, because Sonic's pretty clearly lounging around the pool when that game starts. Then again, there are "realistic" (for the timeframe) human women there too, which raises all sorts of questions that I'm not sure I want answered.

I could also opt for Cool Spot, because its beach aesthetic always puts me in a holiday mood, and it's a rare example of a brand-centric game that doesn't utterly suck.

There's always Just Cause 3, where the loading screen absolutely invokes the joy of sitting around on a beach chair, sipping a fine drink… right before the mayhem starts.

But I'm keen for your thoughts. Which games encapsulate that joy of a day where you don't have to go to work the best?


    I love final fantasy 7 how the npcs are on various holidays e.g. Hojo in Costa del sol or the Turks in Wutai

      That's an excellent pick -- there's quite a lot of storyline that pays right into that concept.

      Ha, I came to say FFVII and Costa del Sol too!
      Barret posing for the mirror in his sailor suit is still funny.

    Oh Mario Sunshine, for sure

    Last edited 27/01/20 3:23 pm

    Any answer that is not Super Mario Sunshine is objectively wrong, c'mon.

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