Here’s Your Most Disappointing Game Of 2019

Here’s Your Most Disappointing Game Of 2019

Gee, I wonder what the winner for this will be.

Last year you were pretty loud and clear about your disappointment for Fallout 76, with Red Dead Redemption 2 coming in second. It was a pretty unanimous victory, and the tally this year was similarly one-sided.

Before getting into the games, here’s some of the cheekier ‘nominations’.

kingdom hearts 3, was that this year?
Pokémon S&S, still havn’t gfixed Pikachu’s cry 🙁
Kingdom Ass 3
Overwatch on Switch. I was excited when it was revealed but it’s terrible
Fallout fucking 76
Star Wars Rise of The Skywalker (Not a game but wow what a train wreak!)
Epic game store exclusives

Right then. Onto the actual results. In third place, was…

Death Stranding

Not a huge surprise here, given how polarising Death Stranding‘s moment-to-moment gameplay was. It’s a second round of the Red Dead backlash, with some people enjoying the deliberately slow structure and the journey Kojima puts players through, while others just wish the game would get out of its own way.

But that had nothing on your runner up for most disappointing game of 2019, which was…

Fallout 76


Fallout 76 came out last year, but it’s a live service game and 2019 was meant to be the year that everything turned around. The game started the year with nuke silos glitching and finally fixing the weight of bobby pins, the latter of which resulted in one of the funnier stories this year.

One Fallout 76 Fan Mailed Bobby Pins To Todd Howard

Fallout 76's launch last year was fascinating for all sorts of reasons. And while the developers received all sorts of feedback, one fan expressed their feelings about bobby pins in a rather creative way.

Read more

But things continued to be weird for Fallout 76. Players found a secret developer room, and had to wait until Bethesda cracked down on duplication exploits. Bobby pins were broken again in an attempt to fix the overpowered explosive guns, and the outrage resumed in April after Bethesda announced they would sell in-game repair kits for money.

A battle royale mode was added, and in June players finally started receiving their canvas bags several months after they were due to arrive. A long awaited NPC update was delayed, and locally the ACCC won an undertaking from Bethesda’s parent company Zenimax for users who wanted refunds.

“ZeniMax has acknowledged that they are likely to have misled certain Australian consumers about their rights to a refund when they experienced faults with their Fallout 76 game,” ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said.

Fallout 76 Refunds Ordered By ACCC

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued a court enforceable order that will allow some Fallout 76 customers to receive refunds.

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With all of that, it’s no surprise fans were so let down by Fallout 76 in 2019. But it wasn’t even close to your most disappointing game of the year, which was …

… look, we all know what’s coming.


Image: EA

Was it ever going to be anything else? Andromeda raised the red flags for gamers about the direction of Bioware, and Anthem has kept everyone at panic stations ever since. Bioware has promised to completely overhaul the game, completely redoing its loot, world and mission structure, but the company hasn’t announced what timeline they’re working towards.

How BioWare's Anthem Went Wrong

It wasn’t even supposed to be called Anthem. Just days before the annual E3 convention in June of 2017, when the storied studio BioWare would reveal its newest game, the plan had been to go with a different title: Beyond. They’d even printed out Beyond T-shirts for the staff.

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Games have come back from bad or rocky launches before, as No Man’s Sky showed. Will Anthem? Who knows, but hundreds of developers are still working on the game.

So those are your biggest letdowns of 2019. Those that didn’t make the cut, but came close, were Pokemon Sword & Shield, Borderlands 3, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint in order.


  • I think anyone disappointed by a live service game at this stage hasn’t really been paying attention.

  • There are publishers (and developers under them) that I just know will disappoint me now. EA, Activision, 2K, etc. But my biggest disappointment last year was that Bethesda decided to join them.

    • I think I’m in the boat of just skipping out on a lot (if not all) of the games coming from the big name publishers. Chuck Blizzard Entertainment on that list as well

  • Why was Rise of The Skywalker a train wreck, it was a lot better than the previous one, would of probably been better if Abraham’s hadn’t spent any time “fixing: shit.

    • Yeah i fail to see how the movie was a train wreck. It was vastly superior to TLJ and fixed all the shit rian added to the movies.

      • “vastly superior to TLJ”.
        But thats like saying a piece of food tastes better than a dog turd, its not much of a compliment.

        I haven’t seen EP9 yet (f*cked back means cinemas are a no go right now), but TLJ is literally one of the worst movies ever, so EP9 could be a train wreck but still many many times better

          • Cheers mate. I at least did it doing something fun, so thats a slight silver lining, haha.

            Also i’ll take what you said there about EP9 as some hope. like i said its easy to be better than EP8, but still you seem to be saying it was actually decent too.

          • Oh yeah. Its an great movie. I went with my mum who is a huge star wars nerd. She used to line up to back in the day to see the original trilogy. She has all of the original trilogy soundtracks on LP. She loved the movie.

    • There was a “leak” from an anonymous cast/crew member recently, spoken through a relatively respected reddit user, that has said Disney had an intense amount of meddling in the editing of TRoS, and that the movie WE saw was barely recognisable to JJ Abrams. It also comes with fresh suggestions that Starkiller Base was shoehorned into TFA by Disney, and that JJ originally had a vastly different third act planned.

      Granted, this should all be taken with a grain of salt. But imagine how much better they would have been if the mouse just let him make the movies.

    • So counterpoint – I also thought RoS was fine, but I loved TLJ and RoS was only really dissappointing for me in that it was just another Star Wars film. I know this is going to sound blasphemous to some and I’m going to see a lot of down votes, but if hardcore SW fans hated RoS it’s because it reminded them of how dumb and contrived the whole franchise is (funnily enough the films that weren’t as dumb and contrived are actually the prequels, but terrible vfx, scripts and acting ruined those, I’m not going to say I liked them).

      It was exactly what it said on the poster and it was just an excuse to jam a bunch of space wizards into another big battle. And for me that was fine, because that’s what SW always was. Could RoS have been improved by straight up cutting out the whole first 30 minutes and adding a little text to the opening crawl? Yep, but that was where Abrams was trying to set up the return of Palpatine (which was dumb, but hey, it’s Star Wars, why not have a zombie space wizard).

      Personally I think Disney had a rough plan for the trilogy which TLJ continued with and then got cold feet when TLJ was hated by so many and they chickened out of said plan. RoS clearly scrambled to attach itself to the rest of the series (see the first 30 minutes) and I don’t think that was because Johnson went rogue and decided to ‘ruin’ Star Wars, but rather because Disney thought people would react differently to TLJ and panicked to change course for RoS.

      Personally, in an opinion that will upset people for some reason, TLJ was my favourite of the whole franchise, purely because the big dumb space opera scenes never looked better (I get it, people don’t like TLJ, but I’m sure at least some of the people that hated TLJ would agree the ‘Holdo maneuver’ was the single best looking moment in the series, and the salt planet with the red underneath that was kicked up as the spaceship things passed over it was a close second, then there’s the fantastic death of Snoke and the Praetorian guards fight afterwards that was my favourite narrative / action sequence in the series). Did sections of it suck? Yep. Gambling and animal cruelty planet is bad is one of the least interesting and least satisfying narratives in the whole franchise, but the good outweighed the bad for me.

      RoS was not where I wanted SW to go, I’ve never been massively into the franchise and TLJ was the first film where I felt I could be in future (Rogue One was pretty good in that respect too), but it was just another SW film and I’m inclined to agree that train wreck is harsh. I doubt anyone will say it was the best of the franchise (it wasn’t) or that it was as satisfying as they had hoped, but that’s a high bar almost any film would fail to clear.

      • I thought the ‘Holdo maneuver’ was kind of ridiculous in that it reminded me of Zapp Brannigan, it was basically ramming speed.

        Captain Phasma being killed of in such a stupid way, she could of been a nemesis for Finn up too the third movie.

        Three of the most important supporting characters going rouge and making them seem like total Fuck ups.

        Leah flying in space…

        Although there were a lot of cool scenes like the fight against Snoke and the salt planet, I think JJ should have just done the whole trilogy.

        Johnson had too much freedom to do whatever he felt was good becuase JJ could retcon it with a line of dialog, i.e ‘Hold maneuver’, Rey’s parents, a lot of things that could of been left out if JJ’s “vision” or at least some continuity was maintained throughout.

        • So there’s a weird line of thought I’ve seen pop up in discussions like these that goes ‘Johnson just changed everything, he had too much control’ while Abrams ‘should have been given complete control, he should have done the whole franchise, Disney shouldn’t have meddled with his vision, release the Snyder cut (oops, wrong movie, but same sentiment)’.

          While it’s unconfirmed officially, to me it’s clear Disney obviously had a strong hand in shaping each of the 3 films, and TLJ was absolutely the film they wanted Johnson to make at the time. Disney should be criticised for how they handled the trilogy and how they handled the production of said trilogy, but criticisms leveled at Johnson are as valid as those leveled at Abrams – they were both working within the confines of the plan Disney wanted them to work within. Maybe Johnson was for some reason allowed more freedom (doubt it) but I think people see that he wrote and directed it and assume he had complete creative control which he didn’t have (and would never be allowed to have, under a company as controlling as Disney).

          I just don’t think Johnson had more, or as much, freedom as people say. Like the film or not I don’t think all of the issues people had were all because of Johnson’s maverick vision, but rather just minor decisions that lined up with Disney’s original plan.

  • There is no way that Bioware will be given the time to fix Anthem. The comparison to No Man’s Sky ignores the fact that No Man’s Sky is made by an indie developer who decided to use their profits to work on fixing their game over moving onto new development.

    I expect that EA management will let Anthem slowly fade and move the Bioware team onto something else that can help increase the share price.

    • I think you mean “Kill BioWare once they’ve destroyed its name enough that the name no longer has any power to draw in fans to make immediate money.”

      Because that’s been EA’s MO for decades.

  • I think with Fallout 76 it depends how much you paid, I paid $28 in 2018 and got 200+ hours out of it so pretty happy with that! Haven’t played for over 6 months now though

  • Ahh, Anthem… proof that you can both enjoy something AND be disappointed by it.

    I loved a lot about Anthem. And the first couple weeks playing with my partner were well worth struggling through the UI bullshit and the load-screen bullshit, and the pressure to form full parties of strangers bullshit and the absurd bugs bullshit. But after we reached the endgame, there was nothing. Nothing to convince us to continue putting up with the bullshit. Now it’s all bullshit. And their idea of what an endgame should be now appears to be competitive PVE leaderboard time-trial bullshit.

    Now that last part doesn’t just disappoint me… it makes me ANGRY.

  • Personally. DS isn’t a disappointment for me at all. But i do understand why it might be for others. It’s one of those games where you either enjoy it or you dont.

  • Yeah well it may be a tough one djbear but why didn’t anyone list the Nintendo Labo VR Kit as the most disappointing game of 2019? It’s just absolutely ridiculous why Doug Bowser who’s now the new Nintendo of America president to replace Reggie Fils-Aime who is now retired would introduce such a stupid VR headset that involves holding it up to your face with no headstrap at all Doug Bowser really needs to take a good hard look at himself.
    The future of Virtual Reality still continues and I can tell you that the Playstation VR headset is more better than the stupid Nintendo Labo VR Kit which is time consuming and absolute rubbish.
    I just hope Nintendo brings us a real life patent headset that’s made of plastic and not cardboard and hopefully one that involves a headstrap. Because if they don’t then I’m going to go back to my Playstation days and get my hands on a Playstation VR headset and play Playstation VR games when the PS5 comes out in either 2020 or 2021.

  • Fallout 76 hands down, I mean come on, its almost Bethesda was causing these scandals themselves to keep the game in the media/news. It was like more publicity for the game, I honestly just don’t understand how they an fall so hard/badly

    I was tempted by Anthem when it first came out but im glad I waited just incase too.

    Death Stranding was slow but like anything people have different tastes and preferences. Some people will like it, some people will hate it.

  • I managed to avoid all three of these. I’m not gloating, as it’s just dumb luck that I didn’t get two of them. Fallout 76 on the other hand, I intentionally avoided. I stopped playing online games a while back, so it’s not just because I figured it would be shamefully awful (bugs in single-player can be circumvented by backtracking saves, or at most, bringing up the console on PC; not so much in an MMO), it’s also because I lost the urge to do the online thing.

    That said, after people saying how much Anthem blows, I kind of want to try it and find out why.

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