Here's A Prototype Of The Xbox Series X

Image: NeoGAF

After the remarkably silly 3D render shenanigans from AMD's CES press conference, photos of an actual Xbox One X prototype began floating around the internet Wednesday Australian time. Reputable Microsoft analyst Brad Sams has since confirmed the prototype matches the hardware he saw, so we can all enjoy the ... total lack of USB-C.

The photos were posted on social media and forums like NeoGAF, showing the front of the console and the rear. A label on the rear lists the manufacturing date as November 12, 2019, and the prototype at this stage has just the one HDMI port and an internal power supply, like the Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

One user was cheeky enough to register the serial number on their Microsoft account, and to their surprise, it worked:

Beyond that, there's not a huge deal that's surprising here. There's an interesting lengthy port at the back that looks a bit like the oldschool SD card slots, but otherwise it's fairly standard: optical out, 2x USB 3.1, ethernet out, HDMI out, and the two-pronged power connector.

There's also a USB port on the front and the Blu-Ray drive.

What's interesting about this post is clearly the serial number, which Microsoft is about to track down superfast (not to mention the carpet, which will probably help narrow things down further). But just like that brave cleaner, some people care not for repercussions.


    Gotta say, it's a pretty damn disappointing i/o layout for a supposed next gen system.

    Sticking with USB type A for all 3 ports instead of type C, when everything is moving over to C.
    This also means that we wont be able to take advantage of USB C nvme drives, limiting us to the 550mbps speed for external storage. So much for lightning fast games once your 1tb internal is full.

    Losing the HDMI in, and still not including a damn DisplayPort - seriously would it be that damn hard to add one, even if its via USB C thunderbolt? Nearly every single graphics card on PC does.

    They talk about all these cool new features like 8k support and variable refresh rate, but what they fail to understand or care about is that most monitors that have these features only support them over DP.
    I've got two monitors, one that supports 4k 60, and one that supports 144Hz, both models only support these modes over DP.
    HDMI 2.1 might be able to, but guess what? You are fresh outta luck unless you wanna go out and but a whole new TV or monitor.

      I was definitely expecting to see DisplayPorts on the next gen consoles, so it does seem strange that they just have the 1 HDMI out option. I use a 1440p 144Hz monitor and I need to use DP to achieve the high refresh rate at such a high resolution, so you would hope that the latest HDMI tech is a big leap forward if they want to achieve these high refresh rates the consoles are supposed to support or even the 8k resolutions at a standard refresh rate.

        consoles are primarily designed for TVs. hence no displayport.

          Except that heaps of people game on monitors using a console. Ever seen COD eSport?

      They might be USB A 3.2 Gen2x1, which is 10Gbps

      And hopefully that fat slot is for a high speed connector. Wouldn’t put it past MS to make us pay for an accessory for 4K/8k

        Word on the wire is that its a proprietary input for maintenance or diagnostic work and likely won't find its way into the final build.

      Note that a USB-C port does not imply Thunderbolt support, or even DisplayPort alt mode support (which is an independent feature). And unless Microsoft was actively planning to use Thunderbolt for something, it's not clear why they'd risk including it as a feature.

      A thunderbolt port is effectively an easily accessible PCIe socket, and by default a PCI device can read and write to arbitrary memory locations. That's kind of a big deal if some of those memory locations contain code or data critical to maintaining the console's security.

      There are ways to mitigate this threat: the Thunderbolt controller could refuse to connect unapproved devices to the PCI bus, and the IOMMU can restrict the device's access to memory. But omitting Thunderbolt support means they don't need to worry about getting the details of these security mechanisms wrong. When the threat is mod chips that can be plugged into a USB port, that's probably the right choice.

      Given that game consoles are notoriously locked down,

        Being an AMD based system, Thunderbolt is highly unlikely.

          IIRC, Intel is now licensing the technology freely and it has appeared on a few motherboards for AMD chips. So that doesn't seem like a blocker for a piece of custom hardware like a game console.

          Concerns about the attack surface and cost seem more relevant if we're talking about a feature Microsoft isn't planning to actively use.

      You don’t think these things are designed to make you buy new hardware? Welcome to capitalism.

      i am betting this is just a dummy mock up that would have been a proto type for design at the early likely would it be of Microsoft leaving a new project sitting around,and security you would think would be extremely tight to get into,let alone take a camera in.

    gee i hope the finished product has an HDMI input like the current xbox. Surely they wouldn't take it away, it allows for TV connection, or chrome cast point or anything you want!

    i needs it

      It was meant for passthru pay tv, where the Xbox would essentially 'borg' the paytv.

      It didn't pan out.

        its super handy seeing as tvs pretty much have max HDMI inputs of 3 or 4. I use my chrome cast through it and it works beautifully.

        Sound bar
        chrome cast
        media player

        Surely im not the only one with this issue?

          If only Don Mattrick was around this gen, he could have told you that for people who want an hdmi in they already have a product for you called the Xbox One.

          If one of your HDMI ports has ARC on it (on your TV), you can connect your soundbar to that, then plug even more devices into your soundbar (assuming you aren't already and it has slots).

    I'm most interested in that big square connector. That screams a high bandwidth interconnect for something. I'm guessing VR, but public statements have downplayed VR.

    Also a little disappointed with both the general lack of usb ports, and no USB C.

      Maybe that's for connecting some kind of external expanded storage? Assuming the USB ports shown here wouldn't be fast enough?

      That screams a high bandwidth interconnect for something.
      Kinect 2: Re-Kinected

      There's a strong chance that port is for connecting the system to some kind of stress test rig or other internal system at Microsoft as they work on the development of the system.

      Final retail units will likely either blank it out or replace it with some other connector.

    First paragraph, you say pictures of an Xbox One X, not Xbox Series X.

    Just shows how confusing the naming convention is!

    Glad they ditched "Series X" , "Xbox Product Name Placeholder" has a much nicer ring to it...

      At least its easy to tell which console you are talking about.

      The marketing boys really hit that one out of the park.

    Oh man why don't they have two usbs at the front.

    Sure looks better then then hideous PS5 Dev kit... not sure why everyone is so upset... it’s a demo/dev console at this stage claim the F down.

    Going on the size of the ports, that makes the console about 15cm wide x 28cm tall?

    So smaller than an A4 piece of paper.

    What is the weird curve/lip on the very bottom of the machine?

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