A Very Good Take On The Last Of Us’ Ending

A Very Good Take On The Last Of Us’ Ending
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For a few months now, Retro Replay’s Troy Baker (Joel) and Nolan North (David) have livestreamed a playthrough of The Last Of Us. They’re at the end now, and things are getting heavy.

In this week’s instalment, guest Merle Dandridge asks the guys to share their thoughts on the ethics of Joel’s actions at the end of the game, where he not only saves Ellie—potentially dooming humanity in the process—but then lies to her on their way out.

I’ve finished The Last Of Us a couple of times now, and never came close to thinking of the game’s ending like this. If the vid below doesn’t autoplay for you, head to 38:40.


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  • I’m not a big cryer by any stretch of the imagination. I have no problem with it when I do cry but it still takes something special to make me cry.

    This ending made me cry. No other media that I can recall has impacted me that much. For that reason TLOU is my favourite game ever; not because of the game play or the graphics, both of which were great as well, but because the story and all of the little bits of directing moved me enough that some part of me cared.

    • I actually found the beginning more emotional. Having 3 girls, the ending never actually struck me as massive. Maybe it’s cause, from a father’s perspective, which Joel has with Ellie by that stage, of course you would think to yourself ‘I don’t care about the end of the world, you can’t kill my daughter’.

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