After Confessing To Playing 300 Hours Of Breath Of The Wild, St. Vincent Realises She’s Played 300 Hours Of Breath Of The Wild

After Confessing To Playing 300 Hours Of Breath Of The Wild, St. Vincent Realises She’s Played 300 Hours Of Breath Of The Wild
Screenshot: Variety, <a href="">YouTube</a>

The above picture is of indie rock artist St. Vincent from a recent interview with Variety. It’s also the face of someone who would rather be playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild than admitting how many hundreds of hours they’ve already spent with it.

Variety’s interview with the infamously enigmatic St. Vincent went up on YouTube today. She was there to talk about her new film, The Nowhere Inn, which she co-wrote and co-starred in alongside musician and comedian Carrie Brownstein. During the interview she reveals how she first came across the Nintendo Switch.

“I needed a gaming console for that scene,” Vincent said. “And one of our producers had the Switch and had Zelda, the new Zelda in it.” Though the original Legend of Zelda was one of St. Vincent’s favourite games growing up, she said she hadn’t touched the series until Breath of the Wild. Filming that scene, it seems, rekindled her love for the series

“Now I’m obsessed with that game in particular,” she said. “I’ve probably put 300 hours into it.” In the interview, she stares wistfully off into the distance for a half-beat after this. “Which means you’re an expert,” says Brownstein, needling her out of her brief day dream.

I’ve never had to do a press junket for an upcoming movie, but I have had to do a lot of other things in my life that weren’t playing Breath of the Wild, so I get it.


    • That’s cool. She has no idea who you are either.

      (For reference, she produced the most recent Sleater-Kinney record, which is well worth picking up.)

        • Mate if you have no idea who Sleater-Kinney are then I can only imagine that you’re actually an alien from another planet who arrived on Earth sometime after the riot grrl scene of the mid-1990s.

          On the bright side, I’m super envious of you getting to experience records like All Hands On The Bad One, The Woods and No Cities To Love for the first time.

          • Hey can I come yell at clouds with you and we can tell kids to get off your lawn together? I dont know if you were a Sega or Ninty kid, but i could bring one or the other over, crack a bottle of scotch (or a top shelf bourbon you prefer) and talk about the good old days with ya?

          • I’m nearly seventy, have a custom built gaming rig, know who Sleater-Kinney are, like their music, like the eclectic and talented St Vincent and don’t want to join any f…ing collective!

        • Just reading this thread, it feels like people could try to pass off their Woolies cashier as a famous singer and I’d be none the wiser.

      • She’s a Grammy winning artist, (singer, song writer, producer) also known for her killer guitar skills (she even designed her own guitar recently). You should check her out, her style of music varies from album to album, and she has some Bowie and Prince influences, but still makes her music her own unique brand.

  • I once saw footage of her playing Cowboys From Hell by Pantera on guitar, so this can be added to the many things I like about this lady.

  • On the plus side, missing all Zeldas between 1-BotW means she really only missed out on 3 ‘must play’ entries from the series. (Zelda 2, A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening.)


    • No need to fight. Just a small correction, to something that most likely was an unfortunate typo or lapse of awareness. I think we all know that what you meant to say was Majora’s Mask, not Zelda 2.

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