Anime Festival Returns To Sydney Next Month

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February already has one celebration for anime, and shortly after that there's another. More commonly known as MadFest, Madman's Anime Festival is back - and it'll be hitting Sydney first in early March.

Anime Festival 2020 will hit four cities this year, stopping by Sydney first on March 7-8. Confirmed stars for the Sydney festival include Attack on Titan voice actor Yuki Kaji, Kana Ueda from Fate/Grand Order, J-pop idol Arisa Uki, Japanese artist Luna Haruna, Taiwanese cosplayer Mon Pink, and American voice actor David Matranga, the voice behind Fairy Tail's God Serena and My Hero Academia's Shoto Todoroki. The show will be held in Sydney's International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour, which is a hell of a lot easier than taking the train out to Olympic Park.

After Sydney, Anime Festival 2020 will travel to Brisbane (May 23-24), Melbourne (August 29-30) and Perth (October 3-4). The Melbourne dates are a weekend after Melbourne Esports Open, which is running a week earlier this year and doubling as Australia's annual IEM stop. Tickets for the Sydney show start from $40 (for a Sunday pass), with weekend passes available for $58 and VIP tickets available for $297. Children under 10 can attend the show for free.

For more info on the Sydney show and the rest of Anime Festival this year, as well as details on tickets, head to the official site.


    Going to Sydney and Melbourne this year.
    So keen for sydney, cant wait to see Kana Ueda (tohsaka is best fate girl), and luna haruna as her concerts are so fun, my first 'con' was Madfest melbourne 2017 where she had a concert and it sealed the deal on madfests for me.
    Excited to see what is announced in this final month leading up to it. Hoping for some good movie premieres after i didn't like any at melbourne 2018 madfest (just personal taste, not saying they chose poorly popularity wise).

      Now if they’d actually said “Kana Ueda, Rin from Fate/Stay Night” then I would have been all ‘Shut Up and Take My Money’ rather than ‘Who?’

        She plays two servants in Fate grand order that take over the body of Tohsaka (while gaining her personality a little). So they look like Tohsaka, sound like Tohsaka, behave similarly to Tohsaka, just with more powers.

        Just to say, if you are staying away from FGO because "ughhh gacha" (which is fair enough), it does actually have some pretty fun story, and the general character interactions and stuff are fun.
        I only started like 5 months ago after a few years of the "ughh gacha" thoughts about it and have been happily surprised. Never have and never will spend money on it, but i have a bunch of my favourite characters already (OG arturia Saber, one of the tohsaka's and all the servants from F/SN except gilgamesh).
        Just saying this all, because if you are ever craving some more fate, then it might actually deliver on what you want.

          Oh, I’ve been playing F/GO and I’m at the end of Babylonia so I’ve gotten to experience the two servants. Gacha is not being kind, as while I got Morded for Valentines, no Jack or Semiramis.

          Going through her filmography there’s a lot there (some definitely NSFW) although the other role of hers I’m most familiar with is IF in Neptunia. Which is funny since she’s both my favourite Fate/SN and second favourite Neptunia character (she loses out to Noir on that one)

            Ah ok, I guess even if you have played babylonia, you dont hear her do any voice lines in the story, so not crazy to not realise its the same person.

            Yeah 300SQ i'd been saving and no Jack for me either :(
            Meaning i still literally have only one 3 star assassin (my class i've had worst gacha luck with).
            Jealous of that mordred though. Even if i do already have her (his) mum (dad). Would love to have the whole round table at some point.

            Oh yeah, right i forgot she did the VA for IF, been a while since i watched or played any Neptunia.

            Goodluck with your future Gacha attempts and seeing Kana if you decide to.

              Funnily enough, Mordred is my first 5* saber, and I don’t have an Altria. I’d been using Siegfried as my top saber.

              Assassins I do have luck with since I’ve had Carmilla for a long time, and I got Shuten Doji during the Tower Gacha. Jack is jack tho so I still tried for her and Semiramis. I should have waited for Orion still I don’t have a 5* archer yet.

              I have a huge backlog of Neptunia. Like anything after Re;birth1.

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