Apex Legends’ Character Is Ideal For Newcomers


With Season 4 of Apex Legends underway, new character Revenant is an interesting addition to the game’s roster. His abilities can heavily turn the tide of a firefight, and I’m curious as to where he’ll land in the larger team dynamics. So far, he feels like a character who’s a bit more welcoming to newcomers and battle royale haters.

After playing as Revenant since yesterday’s launch of Season 4, I don’t know yet whether he’ll be my go-to pick or my biggest annoyance on the battlefield: His ability to respawn himself and his teammates make him a good beginner choice, but also a total pain in the arse. I sat down with Editor-At-Large Riley MacLeod to talk about what we like about Apex Legends’ new update and where we land (heh) with Revenant, the edgelord robot who I’m sure I’ll love to hate.

Watch the video or read an excerpt here:

Paul: Revenant’s Death Totem is a nice touch because Apex Legends does a really good job of eliminating that fat that might turn off newcomers or people who don’t like battle royale games. It gives you a respawn, basically. What did you think of his ultimate ability?

Riley: I haven’t had the chance to use it in any matches, but it is a cool idea. I think you’re right that Apex Legends trims things down. The flipside to that is that sometimes I feel like I need to be a little bit better. I was just playing Fortnite before this and switching between them can be so confusing. Any time I go from playing Apex to another game that has fall damage, I immediately take fall damage.

Paul: I think one of my favourite additions, which is more of a beneath-the-surface thing, is how Revenant interacts with other characters. Like when you try to thank people he’ll say something like “don’t think I owe you anything.”

Riley: He’s so Reaper-y.

Paul: I like that layer of character to those interactions. Especially with someone like Pathfinder, who is the opposite of him, who is so cheery. They’re just some really great interactions that add some colour, and this map continues to remind me how colourful and vibrant and how full of personality this game is, which is like half of the reason why I keep coming back to it.


  • Revenant is the first reason I’ve felt like giving Apex a proper go. I downloaded it on launch day and just couldn’t find a rhythm, so I left it behind fairly quickly. At the time, I hated the idea of a game set in the Titanfall universe without said Titans. Now, it has my interest.

    Also, doesn’t hurt that he’s voiced by one of my favourite people.

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