New Cooking Mama For Switch Makes Mama An Influencer

New Cooking Mama For Switch Makes Mama An Influencer

Cooking Mama is coming to Nintendo Switch for the first time, with a new trailer revealing the latest mainline entry in the franchise, Cooking Mama: Cookstar. This time around, you’ll be doing it all for the ‘gram.

Cooking Mama: Cookstar‘s first trailer shows off a whole bunch of recipes and minigames making their debut in the game, including chip-crunching, cooking baking and spreading cheese. One standout recipe featured in the trailer is a gooey, rainbow-coloured sandwich that can be freely decorated. It’s perfect for ‘plating up’.

Food looks a lot more dynamic and detailed than past games, with some satisfying wobble on the raw meat and energetic-looking carrot flicking. The dripping of icing over a cake also looks exquisite. Beyond its graphical improvement, not a lot appears to have changed with Mama. Since 2006, the franchise’s gameplay has mostly stayed the same — but that’s okay, because the formula has remained fun.

There is one significant key change in the trailer. It’s subtle, and very good.

While you could always plate up and photograph your food in the game, Cookstar takes this process one step further with artsy, Instagram-style photography.

The exact functionality is so far unclear, but it may have an impact on your final food rating or expertise. Either way, it appears to be a large part of gameplay, with the Cookstar subtitle also hinting at a level of online celebrity for Mama. After so many years of teaching us how to cook, she’s earned every bit of her fame.

Cooking Mama: Cookstar is coming to Switch in March, with no exact release date set. It joins an absolutely stacked month for the console that also includes Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX.

It’s likely that this nebulous release date is due to coronavirus, which has impacted the production of upcoming titles and consoles already.

Stay tuned for a more firm release date in March.

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