Crossy Road’s Take On Mario Maker, Crossy Road Castle, Is Out Now

Crossy Road’s Take On Mario Maker, Crossy Road Castle, Is Out Now
Image: Apple

One of Australia’s most successful games is back, but this time, Crossy Road is offering its own spin on the Mario Maker formula.

Crossy Road Castle, which I previewed last year, is a co-operative multiplayer platformer for up to four people. It’s out now through the Apple Arcade mobile subscription service, and the main goal is to survive as many levels as possible. (You don’t get to make your own levels, sadly, although the procedural generation means you’ll never run out of levels.)

Meet Crossy Road Castle, A Crossy Road Take On Mario

In the Australian development scene, Matt Hall, one of the co-founders of Hipster Whale and creators of Crossy Road, has a particular reputation. He's an industry legend, one of the brainchilds behind perhaps the biggest Australian game since Fruit Ninja. When you consider the mark his games have left on the industry, he's a literal living titan.

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You can play solo if you like, but it’s easier to climb the tower with more people, since everyone survives as long as one person reaches the end. All players start with three lives, and if you survive ten levels, you’ll be able to buy an extra life with coins collected throughout your run. (You can collect coins everything by picking them up during your run, or by stomping enemies on the head, Mario-style.)

The game supports controllers, so you can have multiple players connect to a single phone or device (like Apple TV+). More conveniently, you can play the game in landscape or portrait mode, the latter being handed if you just want to flick through some levels one-handed. It also supports offline play, so if you’re stuck on the train and just want to run through levels by yourself, you won’t need to worry about a constant connection.

Crossy Road Castle is live on Apple Arcade now.

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