Sorry, You Can't Buy That Cyberpunk 2077 Graphics Card

cyberpunk 2077 geforce rtx 2080 ti

Having locked up an exclusive deal a while back, it was always a matter of when Nvidia would do some kind of limited edition GPU for Cyberpunk 2077. Yesterday, the company finally announced what it was: a bright yellow and black themed RTX 2080 Ti, styled after everyone's favourite Keanu Reeves simulator. There's just a small problem: there's only 200 of the GPUs in the world and, naturally, you can't buy one.

Nvidia has made the GPUs exclusively for giveaway purposes, although in a nice change Australians can participate in the promotion (which often isn't the case). Functionally, you're not getting the best RTX 2080 Ti GPU anyway. The specs are identical to the founders edition of the RTX 2080 Ti, and newer aftermarket cards on the market with better cooling and higher clock speeds.

The back of the Cyberpunk GPU is where most of the colour is, which is a bit disappointing. There's some yellow trim on the front, but otherwise the design is functionally the same as the stock RTX 2080 Ti.

That said, this would look sick in one of those open-air cases. Maybe a nice coloured version of the Thermaltake P5 or P7 cases. And we'll definitely be seeing plenty of cyberpunk-themed PC mods over the next year, given how big a release Cyberpunk 2077 is.

Some more custom-themed GPUs would be rad, though, or at least more customisable face and back plates. There's some good backplates you can make with aluminium, templates and workshop tools, but not everyone has access to a lathe, scroll saws, dremels, jigsaws or even a space for a workshop.

For more info about the Cyberpunk GPU, or just to gawk at it for a bit, head to the official landing page for all the details.


    I mean, it's unsurprising how lacklustre it is. Any real innovation or creativity is stifled under capitalism anyway.

    They still missed a great opportunity to name it the RTX 2077. Especially given how diluted the naming structure of Nvidia cards is.

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