Death Stranding's Getting Something Later This Year

Image: Death Stranding

It's not entirely clear what's coming to Death Stranding exactly, but if you wanted more content in the game, then Hideo Kojima has something for you.

Fair cop: if you haven't finished Death Stranding, or you're waiting for it to come out on PC, do not watch the below footage. It's a big spoiler for one of the surprise twists later in the game, so, you've been warned.

death stranding dlc

The 45 seconds of footage was uploaded to Kojima's Twitter accounts late Thursday afternoon, and shows Bridges running through World War 2 trenches and running through a battlefield. What's happening exactly? Nobody knows, bar Kojima, but we'll all find out in 2020.

As an aside, I really want to play this game on PC (not through Remote Play). There's something about Death Stranding that makes it the perfect thing to have on a second screen. But also that's maybe because I just work too much and can't bear the thought of not being productive. Who knows.

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    Such a great game. I wonder how it will be remembered in several years.

    Isn't it remaking parts of the 1917 trailer? How Sam is running at the end with the 2020 gradually panning over.

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