Democratic Socialism Simulator Lets You Tax The Rich, Nationalise Amazon

Democratic Socialism Simulator Lets You Tax The Rich, Nationalise Amazon

In Democratic Socialism Simulator, the goal is simple: loads of cute American animals are going to either ask questions about, or give advice related to, government policy. And you, as “the first socialist president of the United States”, have to decide what to do.

It’s not quite as simple as just saying “yay” or “nay”, though. You need to balance the needs of voters, the economy and the environment, and while taxing the rich is very much on the cards, it also brings with it certain risks.

I want to be friends with the Treasurer.

It’s available now for $8 on


  • Man, nationalizing/globalizing Amazon would be a wonderful thing.

    Just imagine… step 1: keep the thing exactly 100% the way it is currently, only all those fucktillions in profit stay within the department.

    Step 2 and beyond: identify that there is too much pressure on staff to work too hard. Solution: Spend some those crapzillions on more staff. Their wages are unconcionable, akin to sweatshops? Don’t worry. Doubling their pay won’t make a fucking DENT in the profits that are now considered a surplus to operation. They could pay their workers more, and hire more workers, all of which is money that would go directly back into local economies in the form of consumer spending, and customers wouldn’t have to pay a cent more than they currently do, and would likely in fact receive a better service as the reduction of overworked drones results in fewer errors.

    Wealthy investors looking for a ridiculous return on their investment are parasites sucking up a whole bunch of wealth that would do so much good for society as a whole. Especially when it’s natural monopolies or vital services meeting basic human needs. Imagine removing the ‘for profit’ requirement on currently-privatized energy generation, health, transportation, employment, prisons… the benefits to society would be immense. Near utopian even. But it would mean that the wealthy wouldn’t be able to become even more wealthy, increasing the yawning chasm of income inequality, and they have all the power, so it’s pure, indulgent fantasy.

    I’m totally on board with this unrealistic fantasy escape, though!

    • Frankly, I’d be happy if there was some formal link between executive and employee remuneration.

      As if getting 10x the average salary of your workforce isn’t ‘incentive’ enough to work hard… as if your workforce aren’t also working hard for unpaid overtime… as if the people getting all the huge salary ‘incentives’ aren’t largely senior managers, venture capitalists and the progeny of industrialists, instead of say, inventors, innovators and people working 18 hour days in three casual jobs.

  • people get scared when you the Socialism word.. because they have no idea what it means and don’t realise they already live in a socialist based society.. without it there would be no public schools, no public health care, road usage would be pay per use and police, ambulance and fire fighters would have a charge attached to them for callouts.

    • Yup. The argument against socialism falls apart the second you start asking them to agree to pay-per-use roads, and dismantling the military. They’re on board with socializing some things… the difference is where they draw the line.

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