Good Morning, Here’s The Door Kickers Sequel

Good Morning, Here’s The Door Kickers Sequel

The world of top-down tactical Counter-Strike is a small one. Either you go back and play the Frozen Synapse games, or you have Door Kickers from 2014. All of these are very good, but it’s about time we got a sequel.

Called Door Kickers 2: Task Force North, the game is scheduled for an early access release in the second quarter of 2020. The tactics game is set in a fictional part of the Middle East with the player commanding teams of Special Ops squads working their way through levels.

Like the original, the player has to manage lines of fire, intelligence assets, breaching charges, night vision goggles, explosives, drone recon and enemy AI. The environment is mostly destructible, and there's single-player and co-op support.

The whole game plays out in real-time with the ability to pause, like oldschool cRPGs. You can get a sense of how it pans out through the announcement trailer, which has a good slice of what to expect.

[video provider="youtube" id="6GE9gx5NqzU" size="xlarge" align="left"]

Door Kickers is still one of the best tactics games you can get for a bargain, and Door Kickers 2 should follow on just nicely. You can add the game to your Steam wishlist and read more about the upcoming features over on the official Steam page.

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