The Internet Is Torn About Netflix’s Dragon Quest Movie

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Netflix's Dragon Quest: Your Story is out in Australia today. Is it a good movie? The internet is conflicted.

Dragon Quest: Your Story adapts the fifth game in the franchise, Hand of the Heavenly Bride into a feature length CG-animated film. It follows the journey of the protagonist Hero as he seeks to uncover his father's secrets and rescue his mother with a magical sword.

When it was first announced, many fans took issue with the CG style of the movie because it deviated away from Akira Toriyama's iconic character design. Further controversy plagued Your Story in Japan because famous Japanese actors were cast in key roles, rather than professional voice actors.

Audiences in the West appear to be giving the film a bit more leeway, with many early reactions mostly positive.

For the most part, fans of the franchise appear to be happy with the story and look of the film, but the ending has thrown many, with some describing it as "super unbelievably terrible". While this article won't spoil the ending, feel free to enjoy these no-context responses.

Dragon Quest: Your Story sure sounds like an interesting time. It's out now on Netflix worldwide — let us know if you plan on tuning in.

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    I enjoyed it for the most part despite the inconsistent animation (sometimes the motion was really choppy) and frequent feeling like I was watching a cut scene compilation rather than a continuous story. (It jumped around a lot) It felt almost like if Pixar/Disney made a DQ movie. (I swear Bianca was just Astrid from HTTD)

    But that ending... Whoever came up with it needs to seriously reconsider their writing career. All I can think of is that the writer realllllyyy wanted to self-insert their own feelings about the game and use it to reject the bullies who teased them about liking it. There's very little foreshadowing and what little there is comes 10 minutes before the twist and in the end it was entirely inconsequential and unnecessary.

    Almost a direct copy of DQ5, with an alternative feel, (if they ever invented a way to play games like that it would be good.

    Some people might consider what I've written to be spoilers, even though I've avoided specific details. With that said, read at your own risk.

    I've only played (and beat) the first DQ and the newest of the franchise, DQXI. Like most Americans in the 90s, I grew up with the Final Fantasy games and was clueless about what a "Dragon Quest" game was like. While I never played Hand of the Heavenly Bride, I enjoyed the story nonetheless in the form it was delivered. After some research, I see the player has a bit more agency in who they can marry, obviously providing multiple endings based on such capabilities. Apparently, this is the same entry that inspired the Pokemon franchise.

    So what am I getting at with all that said? Simply this: If you're a JRPG fan, even if you've never touched a DQ game, you should absolutely see this movie. I personally liked the ending, I know it's a bit divisive (don't worry, I won't spoil it), but how much you enjoy the ending is based on how much you enjoy JRPGs. It's that simple.

    So whether Final Fantasy was your jam, Lufia, Breath of Fire, Ni No Kuni, etc etc etc, the ending was made with you in mind.

    The trailers and clips feels like it's missing something for me.

    Tt took a few minutes, but it doesn't have Toriyama's style.

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