A Hilarious Trip Down The Dreams Rabbit Hole

A Hilarious Trip Down The Dreams Rabbit Hole
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Dreams has plenty of “games” that are genuinely impressive, but sometimes it’s even better to check out all the … less than ideal creations.

Rather than playing convincing remakes of Mirror’s Edge mechanics or Fallout 4, why not check out the Shrek platformer? Or the Death Stranding remake featuring an elephant that just carries Monster Energy? Or the weird mash-up of Crash Bandicoot and Metal Gear Solid? Or games where kids are screaming at you through the microphone. Or a game where Yoshi dies?

This, as lovingly recreated by dunkey, is also the Dreams experience. I wondered for ages how Media Molecule would properly and simply explain Dreams to fans, and I think there’s a simple answer: it’s a 3D Newgrounds.

Seeing Gex in Dreams makes me wonder if Square Enix has already shut down calls to remaster Gex. They’re taking pitches from devs on what can be done with the Gex IP, along with Fear Effect and Anachronox.

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