Final Fantasy 7 Remake In 8K Is Just Sublime

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake already looks great, but you know what makes it look better? 8K, obviously.

Fans have been doing all sorts of great things with ERSGAN and various algorithms, including The Witcher 2 to Trails of Cold Steel. Games that aren't even out yet have gotten the upscale treatment, including the original Cyberpunk 2077 trailer, which still looks pretty good.

But they're just trailers, so naturally there's nothing stopping people giving all sorts of games a bit of a res bump. And as it turns out, Final Fantasy 7 looks pretty bloody good in 8K.

Here's the original trailer, which came out recently and ... well, it looks pretty good as is.

But does it look as good as the 8K upscaled version? Lol no. There's some obvious artifacing and noise at points, but when everything's in motion, or a character is occupying the entirety of the full screen, the effect is great. Check out the fur on XIII, for instance.

This is everything I need. If Nvidia or AMD or someone doesn't do some kind of test with their next generation graphics running this game at 8K - whenever it eventually makes its way over - it's a massive missed opportunity.

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    Is this how I convince the missus to let me buy an 8K tv this year?

    Let's be honest, 8k looks the same as 4k.

      Which makes perfect sense because unless you are using an 8K screen, you aren't seeing 8K res and that's without the issue of upscaling does not add quality.

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