Fire Emblem Heroes’ New Monthly Subscription Adds Exclusive Characters And Gameplay Perks

Fire Emblem Heroes’ New Monthly Subscription Adds Exclusive Characters And Gameplay Perks

Can you believe it has been three years since the launch of the mobile Fire Emblem gacha game and Nintendo’s only just now gotten around to offering a monthly subscription? The $US9.50 ($14)-a-month Feh Pass grants Fire Emblem Heroes players special characters with enhanced stats, unique quests, and exclusive gameplay features, including to replay any turn in the turn-based tactics game.

It worked for , might as well give Fire Emblem Heroes a go. Launching on February 5, the Feh Pass subscription provides a variety of benefits to players willing to shell out an additional $US9.49 ($14) a month. The main draw for character collecting addicts is resplendent characters, special versions of existing Fire Emblem Heroes characters wearing fancy outfits and boasting +2 to every stat. Resplendent characters will be distributed to subscribers twice a month.


Special Feh Pass quests will appear twice per month, rewarding special items like summoning orbs and upgrade items. Subscribers will gain the ability to bond with three summoners instead of the one afforded regular players. The Feh Pass exclusive “Auto-Start” feature will allow players to set up quests to be repeated automatically until they run out of stamina.

The most intriguing subscription benefit is the new “Re-Act” ability. This allows players to go back to the beginning of their previous battle turn (as long as none of their characters have acted in the current turn). This ability can be used even when the player’s party perishes and they get the “Game Over” screen. That’s incredibly handy.

Check out the Feh Channel presentation for more on the Feh Pass and other features coming in Fire Emblem Heroes big February 5 update.


  • I don’t understand why this is a good thing? It makes the game more p2win. Also $15.49 aud(as it says in the description) a month for a lacklustre shallow game that is basically a slot machine is a bit much.

  • uh… a subscription for a gacha game!? seems a little predatory. like gacha games have enough problems. I enjoy ones like Fate Grand Order but, to add something like a subscription on top of that just feels wrong.

  • The community is in a uproar about it as they’ve locked QOL features behind the paywall. It’s a shitty thing to do especially when you consider a Wow or FFIV monthly sub is about the same price only you get access to all the content.

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