Australia’s Firies Are Getting Their Own Funko Pop Vinyl [Updated]

Australia’s Firies Are Getting Their Own Funko Pop Vinyl [Updated]

Toy brand Funko and retailer Popcultcha have teamed up with the RSPCA to release a special Funko Pop Vinyl that pays tribute to Australian firefighters and wildlife, with all profits being donated to the RSPCA National Bushfire Appeal. It’s currently available for pre-order, and is being produced in a limited run.

The ‘Bushfire Heroes’ Funko Pop Vinyl features an Aussie firefighter with a koala attached to their leg, and is designed to celebrate the achievements of all firefighters in Australia, particularly their work saving Australia’s dwindling wildlife population.

It’s rare that Funko releases Pop Vinyls like this, with exclusive and limited editions generally being produced for larger pop culture conventions like San Diego Comic-Con and C2E2. That said, it’s not the first exclusive Pop Vinyl the company has ever produced for Australia, with local Supanova convention receiving a handful of its own exclusives in the past, including a figure of Stan Lee wearing a Supanova shirt, and a Patina variant of Wonder Woman.

Money raised from purchases of the limited edition ‘Bushfire Heroes’ Pop Vinyl will go towards the RSPCA’s National Bushfire Appeal, which aims to protect wildlife threatened by Australia’s ongoing bushfire crisis. The profits will be donated in monthly payments until it’s sold out.

As of writing, the Bushfire Heroes Pop Vinyl is still currently available for pre-order on the Popcultcha website for $19.99.

Update 7/2: 3:20PM — Popcultcha has confirmed to Kotaku Australia that in the first 24 hours of sale, the Bushfire Heroes Pop Vinyl has already raised upwards of $250,000 for the RSPCA. The aim of the Pop Vinyl release is to generate as large a donation as possible, with no current confirmation of how many of the Pop Vinyls will be made.

Update 12/2: 11:08AM — Popcultcha has confirmed to Kotaku Australia that the Bushfire Heroes Pop Vinyl has now raised over half a million dollars to donate to the RSPCA, with sales still ongoing.

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  • I have never even considered buying a Funk Pop before, but I think I actually want this one. Probably most because of the charity thing, but still.

  • >,< The shipping being nearly 1/3 of the cost really hurts. I’d love to be able donate the $8 shipping (even half/half between charity/popcultcha) to make it more appealing.

    That or buy 6 with friends to get free shipping, but that would require having friends.
    In saying that, I’m not a Pop Vinyl person, but this is a good looking one for a good cause.

  • Ok, Funko. You finally got me to buy one of your silly, bug eyed monstrosities. Happy now? And Kotaku? Your obnoxious pop up, sound on video that chews up my limited data in the middle of each article is some seriously unwanted bullshit. Its like you’re literally seeing how far you can push your readers before we bail on you. As much as i enjoy this site, It ain’t far off, i promise you.
    Yes, there is no caffeine in the house on my day off this morning if anyone was wondering. Thought I’d grouse a bit before swimming to Woolies.

    • Well I was surprised that I managed to find the comments on this article without having to scroll through literally 100 banner ads like I normally have to on mobile. It has to be a bug that below every kotaku article, there is a seemingly endless stream of banner ads and often I cannot find the link to view the comments at all. If people bail on this site, it’s indeed for good reason.

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