Gamer Improves PS4 Airflow With Wine Corks

Image: r/gaming

Don't want your console to run hot? Then here's a bit of an off-beat trick: just grab some wine corks.

One clever gamer posted the unusual lifehack to the r/gaming subreddit, where they used four wine corks to improve the airflow of their console in a tight TV cabinet.

Propping the console up is a pretty good idea. Sony actually recommends users don't leave their consoles in cramped spaces, on a carpet, covered up, or backed up against a wall, precisely so the unit can cool all the electricals inside.

One area that often misses out, however, is the rear of the PS4. Most people tend to lie their consoles down horizontally, meaning the reverse of the PS4 often gets real warm. That warmth attracts other problems - like cockroaches - so adding a bit of space helps a fraction.

I propped my PS4 on top of four wine corks to improve airflow in this tight space. I noticed it running cooler immediately. from r/gaming

Of course, you don't have to use wine corks. You could use any range of discarded things to prop the PS4 up, like:

  • Crushed (and clean!) beer cans;
  • Flat PVC end caps;
  • Four shot glasses;
  • Ashtrays (empty, please);
  • Thick round rubber pads from Clark Rubber

The rubber pads are pretty handy if you had the original models of the PS4 Pro with super-loud fans, although it's worth remembering the best thing you can do for your console is to give it a good clean. A ton of dust builds up in the chambers over the years, especially if you still have a stock PS4 going from launch day, and getting rid of that is the fastest thing you can do to reduce temperatures and make sure everything runs smoothly. (Alternatively, you could just stand the PS4 up vertically in a position that supports it - although that's easier said than done, especially if you have pets. Pets love to sit on warm things, cats particularly.)

Have you come up with any ingenious tricks for your console, PC or Switch dock?


    Sony actually recommends users don't leave their consoles in cramped spaces, on a carpet, covered up, or backed up against a wall...

    Effectively all of the places that it is convenient to put the fucking thing. Where the hell DO they expect us to put it? On the coffee table, with cables as a tripping hazard between the TV and centre of the lounge room? Classic engineering blinkers, right there. Like when the iPhone aerial required that you couldn't wrap your hand around the phone while holding it to your head.

    Shit's gotta be designed for using, guys.

      Well obviously it should be magnetically suspended in mid-air, in a vacuum-insulated cabinet chilled to 1 degree above absolute zero. As you approach it, bow from the waist every ten steps, and fully prostrate yourself every fifty. Do not look directly look at its LEDs.

        Also be sure to practice proper static safety and completely remove anything from your person that could generate a static charge.

    While increasing the surface area that can be cooled is all well and good, make sure the room itself has good airflow and doesn't get too hot and stuffy. Heat dissipation only works if there's somewhere cooler for the heat to dissipate to.

    Also ensure you don't use something that can't handle high temperatures otherwise you might find your PS4 swimming in a goopy mess.

    keeping the ps4 inside that tv unit would be more the problem, my tv cabinet is similar, i printed some ps4 legs from thingyverse they work well but didnt resolve the heat and fan issue, moved the ps4 out of the cabinet to ontop of the cabinet and the ps4 runs quite as again

      I tried the same thing... The heat coming out of the top of my wife's head from anger at the ugliness (her words not mine) of a console with cables sitting on top of the cabinet meant I had to move it back and just put up with the jet engine sound of the fans instead..

      Cmon PS4 just hold it together for another 10 months...

    If your fan or side vents are clogged with dust, then this isn't going to prevent the console from getting hot. Indeed, raising the console to cool it is a fairly dubious idea, as the heatsink is on the upper half of the console, and the fan is blowing out the rear. The power supply may heat up the bottom a bit, but that's fine, and this is not where the console needs a decent airflow.

    From the photo, it seems like this is an open back cabinet, which is a much better idea for cooling.

    An entertainment unit that has a shelf made of something like marble works well I find.

      What are you? A Bond villain?

        Haha, touche. I just have glass personally, but any material that doesn't warm too much works well.

          I do like glass furniture, I gotta say. Looks slick. Meanwhile I have the prestigious IKEA Kallax, as featured in the homes of such people as Everyone Furnishing Their Home On A Student Budget, Ever. I do worry that the compartments are too narrow to provide adequate ventilation.. at least it’s open backed though.

            Haha, I have two red 2x4's vertical next to my entertainment unit so don't feel too bad :P.

    Mine's been sat on an old wire oven tray insert thingie for a couple of years now - plenty of airflow, nice easy slide in and out (...ahem..) and not too unsightly.

    I've bought some USB powered PC Case fans and installed them in the back of my entertainment unit, it works really well. They turn on once the PS4 turns on, and run for about an hour afterwards, I haven't had a problem with heat build up since

    Actual corks in wine bottles, must have been aged a bit. Tell me more about the wine.

    Just in time for ps5 brilliant advice for seven years ago.

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