Here's 151 Aussie Pokemon You Just Wish You Could Capture

Image: Paul Robertson‏

Want to see 151 Pokemon based on Australia and Australian culture? Geelong-based artist Paul Robertson has answered your — somewhat unique — prayers. Robertson's credits include work on Scott Pilgrim and Gravity Falls and his talent and creativity is clearly on display with ockermon gems including Kaboomarang, Veebee and Quokkadile.

This article has been updated since its original publication.

It's basically Aussie slang central. Here's the rest of Robertson's imagined menagerie.

Image: Paul Robertson‏
Image: Paul Robertson‏

If you want to check out more of his work, be sure to hit up his Tumblr, or send him a few dollars via Patreon.

Paul Robertson‏ [Tumblr, via Press Start]


    Really? I think that all of them (except Akobra) are really bad.

      Yeah, as a Australian I feel pretty insulted. Mr. Buddy portrayed Australia better.

        Pretty sure that if you are offended by the pics, that makes you un-Australian. They are fun and we should still be able to have a laugh at our more bogan nature.

    Ah, Coffs Harbour, where literally the only thing defining it to anyone who hasn't been there is the Big Banana.

    Most of these are great...

    I don't know how I feel about Errwinn .

    Last edited 28/05/17 2:30 pm

    I like them. Could've had a Dropbear and YeahNah and NahYeah.

      Yeah, was surprised the caramello seems to be the only koala present. Could have had a whole line - Blinky -> koala suit with charity bucket -> drop bear.

      Maybe second gen :P

    There's also the Pokemon Yeah and Pokemon Nah stuff that @VivinkArt was posting on Twitter yesterday.

      Oh man, thanks for pointing this out; Vivink's designs look so well thought out. I love their map - I can just imagine where the routes go

    nice to see old content rolled out ONCE AGAIN on Kotaku.. that is why there are no more modern references in here everyone, this Aussie Pokemon list came out in 2017.

    Last edited 18/11/19 1:12 am

      Hello from this article being recycled again three months later

        I was about to say the same thing, must be slow news week when they have to recycle old content.

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