Here’s Last Of Us 2 As A PS1 Game

Here’s Last Of Us 2 As A PS1 Game

Last of Us Part 2 is a fine looking game as-is, but it’s also got a certain charm when everything is stripped down to basic polygons.

YouTuber Bearly Regal has taken Dreams – which comes out of early access next week – to rebuild segments of Last of Us Part 2. But rather than going for Naughty Dog’s photorealistic visuals, which wouldn’t be possible in Dreams anyway, Bearly Regal has put a PS1 spin on the game.

Bearly was the same YouTuber who “demade” Death Stranding into a PS1 game, which looked pretty damn good all things considering.

What games would you replay with a suitably appropriate downgrade?


  • I really applaud the effort here, and I honestly would enjoy playing this if it were real. However, like many demakes, I find they’ve really underestimated the strength of ps1 era graphics. MGS1, silent hill and the resident evil series all have vastly superior graphics to this. It’s more like a mid 90’s pc game in the period when they were trying 3d style games but before 3d gfx cards were in use and it was all software rendering. Still impressive though.

  • Where is the PS1 graphics, it is more akin early 3D DOS games, last of us way to many flat coloured textures which is rarely done on ps1 and Death Stranding is using 2D assets and 3D rendering much more common with DOS as again it would have commonly sacrificed a bit of view distance for more detailed textures and 2D graphics that usually have more fidelity to them.

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