Here’s The Opening 10 Minutes From DOOM Eternal

Here’s The Opening 10 Minutes From DOOM Eternal

Still on the fence about DOOM Eternal? The opening 10 minutes won’t help make that decision, but you might as well know what you’re in for.

The basic story about DOOM Eternal is that Earth has been invaded by the demons, and so naturally that’s how the game opens. DOOM Eternal has more of a traditional open this time around, compared to the late title card from the 2016 DOOM reboot, but it’s effective enough.

You start with a shotgun and some basic glory kills – again, pretty straightforward stuff – before getting into chainsaw territory. There’s a new tutorial for weapons too that teleports you out of the game, which reminds me a little of Marvel’s Avengers.

So far, so good. I haven’t given Eternal a whirl yet – zero points for guessing why – but it’s looking like the singleplayer should be a blast all the same, which is enough for me. DOOM Eternal launches on PC (via Steam and the Bethesda launcher, but not the Epic Games Store), PS4 and Xbox on March 21.


  • I haven’t given Eternal a whirl yet – zero points for guessing why

    @alexwalker Is it because iirc Bethesda was at a time bitchy with Kotaku US for something and it’s filtered down to their international cousins?

      • oh on that point, is the blacklist just to brand or is to everyone that has ever worked for kotaku? so would they like say to no to you alex cause your here, but allow serrel to recieve a copy because he is at cnet, even though he was here when that shit went down?

      • Pretty much, i think it was that Kotaku journalist got a leaked some documents about Fallout 4 (which turned out to be correct) and now Bethesda has done a classic schoolyard tactic of shunning which i guess also means Kotaku Aus and UK are now blacklisted, even though they just share the “kotaku” name only.

        • it was Jason Schrier ( i cant spell his last name) the guy who does ALL the investigating journalism and one who breaks the news about most things in gaming

  • Shame the blacklist extends to the AU Kotaku but it’s understandable.
    This is looking GOTY for me, unless FF7 is just that much better.
    Why’s Doomguy got dark hair now?

  • What is wrong with the AI? They are like tethered goats and just take a couple of shambling steps or wave their arms around to give an illusion of movement. The player meanwhile sprints around from pillar to post as he is spoon fed glory kills.

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