How To Wear Sickness Masks Without Fogging Up Your Glasses

Screenshot: C CHANNEL

If you wear glasses like I sometimes do, you’d know that sickness masks fog them up right quick. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has tips on how to avoid that.

The non-fog fix is easy. According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, there are two ways to prevent fogging up: One is to simply fold the top fourth of the mask before wearing it. The second way, if you don’t want to sacrifice mask size, is to put a tissue at the top of the mask over the bridge of your nose. 

Both are supposed to keep your glasses fogged-up free! The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department issued these tips back in late December for cold and allergy prevention.

The first 26-seconds of the clip below have an easy walkthrough:

Whether it’s trying to avoid a seasonal cold, dealing with pollen allergies or trying to protect oneself from the latest pandemic, you’ll probably be wearing a sickness mask at one point or another—especially right now in Asia. 


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