If You Could Replay A Game For The First Time, Which Would You Choose?

If You Could Replay A Game For The First Time, Which Would You Choose?
OK, maybe I wouldn’t really want to experience this part again.

In 2019, I played the brilliant sci-fi space exploration game, Outer Wilds. If only the game’s time loop was a real thing so that I could go back and experience it all over again.

If you’ve played Outer Wilds by Mobius Digital Games, you’ll know that being trapped in its time loop isn’t the best idea. Still, the sentiment remains: I wish I could replay the game for the first time, with fresh eyes and no pre-knowledge of what’s to come, just so I can experience it all over again. It was that great!

I know I’ll never be able to replicate that feeling of awe at discovering all its haunting secrets. But I can listen to composer Andrew Prahlow’s beautiful soundtrack whenever I feel the need to indulge in memories of Outer Wilds and have myself a good cry.

That feeling of wanting to experience games again for the first time can be true for so many, right? I’d love to go back and watch Sephiroth walk through the flames in Final Fantasy VII. If I could feel the frustration of doing poorly in Topo’s dancing game in Brave Fencer Musashi, I’d do it all over again.

There are so many great games waiting to be discovered. I can’t wait to find those extra special ones.

Here’s your question for today, dear Kotaku Readers: what video game (or video game moment) was so good, that you wish you could experience it again for the first time? Let’s hear all about your great gaming memories!


  • Any of the From Software series.

    Mass Effect Trilogy (or at least 2)


    Mario 64 back in 1996.

    List is really any amazing game to recapture that feeling again.

    • I first played Mario 64 at the (1996?) Big Day Out. Nintendo had a portable trailer with like 6 monitors and Nintendo 64s.

      I will never forget just how revolutionary that game felt at the time. I think I played Dire Dire Docks.
      Once I got the game and the system I realised that Mario 64 also has some of my favourite video game music.
      It was way too noisy at the BDO!

  • Limbo – The sense of discovery and design was incredible.

    Bioshock 1 & Infinite – Ken Levine does good work.

    RDR – I remember being genuinely shocked at the endgame twist.

    • Great memories. My first JRPG. I’d been gaming since 88 or so but I never tried a Japanese rpg before that. I’m probably not alone there.

  • Dark Souls 2
    Resident Evil 4
    Castlevania SOTN
    Mario 64

    I will never forget the magic those particular games brought me.
    I know every nook and cranny of those games and have spent thousands of hours collectively on just those games.

  • Thought I had bad déjà vu for a second but, no, this exact question was the topic of an Alex Walker article just 2 days ago (to which I also answered The Outer Wilds because damn, that game was amazing going in cold).

    On the soundtrack note, I get such a strong emotional reaction whenever the track “End Times” comes on. It’s like this feeling futile acceptance. So many loops ending had seared created some Pavlovian response to that song.

  • Difficult question to answer because are you playing it in 2020 with all the advancements in graphics/storytelling, etc?

    For me, it would be Metal Gear Solid on PS1.. but I would also have to be 20 years younger and not seen any games in the last 21 or so years.. If you see that game today it doesn’t look as amazing but for me in the 90s it was what shifted games to ‘fun pass time’ into ‘this is my form of entertainment’.

  • Interesting question. Most of us can probably use games and console generations as way-points to chart our entire lives against. It’ll be very nostalgic looking back on it all as an old person. The best game worlds already seem like real places that I visited a long time ago. And yep, soundtracks in particular bring it all back.

    I’m struggling to think of one particular game. All the SNES and Megadrive games I played as a primary school kid with friends who I’ve lost touch with. Those were the days.

  • My choice by an absolute mile… Morrowind.

    Horizon: Zero Dawn might be the only game that comes even remotely close.

    Both were absolutely phenomenal experiences first time around.

  • Just one game? That’s unfair. There’s just so many great and personally meaningful games!

    Shadow of the Colossus.

  • Xenoblade Chronicles X. Just everything about it, down to the soundtrack, makes me wish I could experience it for the first time 100 times…

  • Uncharted 2 or Tomb Raider (2013 game) for basically the same reason. They both play like being an Indiana Jones movie and it’s just not the same playing/watching it again.

  • Hard to choose really. There are classic RPGs like FF7 and 8 or even Suikoden. I think though I would like to play Civilization 2 for the first time again. My imagination was so good back then and it really felt like a canvas to tell your own world story.

    • I loved CIV2 to DEATH (Nuked by Gandhi etc). The wonder of the worlds videos, the advisors etc…. that game was so pure I personally consider it CIV genesis.

  • Everyone else has clouded minds. The clear and obvious answer is:

    Fallout New Vegas (PS3)

    Anyone that disagrees needs a kick in the head.

  • Breath of the Wild. I’d love to relive every discovery fresh, including the moment I realised just how small that the floating island you started on really was.

    • Funnily enough, I’m replaying BotW right now. It’s amazing the number of new quests and things I found the second time around.

  • The Last of Us. That first playthrough hit me so hard in the feels. No movie or book has ever made me feel how that game did.

  • Final Fantasy X
    Batman Arkham Asylum
    Mass Effect 2

    The Witness. I started playing the Witness one night with my now ex. We took turns with puzzles and worked together to finish the game without using guides. Such a great puzzle game but also a great time in both of our lives where possibilities seemed endless! A great start to a now life long friendship.

  • Portal 2. After playing it so many years I’ve memorised all the puzzles and twists in the story. Thank God that they have community test chambers.

  • Portal 2. After playing it so many years I’ve memorised all the puzzles and twists in the story. Thank God that they have community test chambers.

  • Mine would be the whole soulsborne series, and especially Dark Souls 3. I loved every second of it, and i think it’s an amazing experience that i wish i could get with another game.

    My whole life i’ve played videogames, but I’ve never wished to replay something, that i can’t get my self to replay, because i know everything about it, more.

    I can’t stress enough how excited i am for dark souls 4, because i have so much faith in fromsoftware, that i know they wont ruin it.

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