J.J. Watt Isn't Happy With Madden 21 Developers In This SNL Skit

JJ Watt is upset (Screenshot: NBC, YouTube)

I don’t watch a lot of sports, so I’m not sure how good of a football player J.J. Watt is in real life. But I assume he’s not as terrible as his Madden 21 counterpart featured in a Saturday Night Live skit from last night.

J.J. Watt hosted SNL last night. The 3o-year-old NFL pro plays for Houston Texans. In one skit, Watt is forced to record audio lines for his in-game character which makes it seem like his Madden 21 avatar really sucks. He makes fun of a kid in a wheelchair, complains about people not coming to his birthday party and keeps making mistakes on the field.

Again, I don’t watch football, so maybe Watt isn’t great on the field. But I’ll give him credit for doing a good job in the skit. His reactions to some of the lines he is forced to record are genuinely funny. I especially love his reaction to the SECOND time he makes fun of a young boy in a wheelchair. It really does seem like the Madden devs in the sketch hate J.J. Watt.

Eventually, they show him an in-game video of his character and it looks...off. For starters, it has a belly button piercing. Watt does appreciate that they at least got his touchdown celebration correct.


    "video not available in your country".

    I don’t even need to check if the video is blocked in Australia.

      Yep don't even bother. Love that there is no real way to watch SNL in Australia but their YouTube is still region locked.

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