Let Waddle Dee Have An Apple, You Monsters

I know Waddle Dees are Kirby’s enemies, minions of King Dedede, but that isn’t stopping my heart from breaking over the sad face on Good Smile Company’s new Waddle Dee figure.

Like Good Smile Company’s popular Kirby figures, two of which are being re-released in conjunction with this latest addition to the line, Waddle Dee’s feet and arms connect to his body via magnets, allowing for all sorts of cute poses. Combined with four included faces—normal, serious, sleeping, and sad—Waddle Dee is very expressive for a creature with no mouth.

Put on his serious face and attach his bandana and spear accessories, and he becomes badass Waddle Dee, ready to take his apple by force if need be.

Or display him with his normal face and a friend, recreating those rare moments when Kirby and Waddle Dee see eye-to-eye. They’re going on an adventure!

Then swap out Waddle Dee’s normal face for his sleepy face, because all of that exercise plum tuckered him out. You know what he’s dreaming about? Not pears. Not oranges.

The Waddle Dee Nendoroid is available for preorder at the Good Smile Company shop, with a planned September release. That’s harvest season, when the apples are at their best.

You go, little friend. 


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