McDonald’s Are Giving Away Food Through Minigames

McDonald’s Are Giving Away Food Through Minigames
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McDonalds has dabbled with games for decades, famously with their version of Monopoly but also through various investments in traditional video games and esports. This week, the company is broadening their gaming remit by launching a series of mini games that give players discounted or free menu items.

The games are being added to McDonald’s mobile app, mymacca’s, and are available to play once a day. The games are available only in Australia right now, and all free menu items or discounts have to be redeemed in-store.


A fourth game can be unlocked once a day after making a purchase through the app. It’s a take on Temple Run, with players running through a Maccas themed obstacle course. For all other users, you’ll be able to play a game based on a maze, a one-shot mini-golf game, and a lucky dip with a Chicken McNugget that’s similar to the claw vending machine games.

Here’s the full list of items you can win through the app:

  • Regular Sundae
  • Hash Brown
  • Small Fries
  • McCafe Small Coffee
  • McChicken
  • Cheeseburgers
  • McFlurry
  • Large Shake
  • Quarter Pounder
  • Big Mac
  • 6 PCE Nuggets
  • Filet-O-Fish
  • 10 PCE Nuggets
  • Small Big Mac EVM + CHB
  • Small 10pc McNugget EVM

The mymaccas app is available now through Google Play and the App Store, and the games will be available exclusively in Australia for the entirety of February.


  • Geez, kids have it easy these days. Back in my day you had to read a bunch of books to earn a free Pizza Hut kids pizza.

    Good to see the whole “Get to the parent’s wallets through the kids” philosophy hasn’t changed with the years.

  • They should do a Fat Princess style game where you have to keep feeding Grimace (is he still around?) hamburgers to keep him fat otherwise the Hamburgler will steal him.

  • So, does the “skip gameplay” button mean you can just go straight for the freebie and skip the cliched easy-mode flash game part?

  • Who wants to be playing Maccas mini games on their mobile to win free McValue meals and a Visa cash certainly not me because of Hasbro and their stupid Monopoly at Maccas promotion they keep running year after year which I certainly have had enough about. The Monopoly at Maccas promotion sucks.

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