Microsoft Adds Totally Bodacious Surfing Game To Edge Browser

Microsoft Adds Totally Bodacious Surfing Game To Edge Browser
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It’s gnarly when your internet goes down, but Microsoft’s Edge browser will soon have an absolutely frothin’ new game to keep you entertained when you’re offline.

The unnamed surf game was unveiled by Microsoft on Thursday. It’s now available in a developer version of Edge, with a wider rollout on the main browser expected soon.

Originally, this surfing game appeared as a secret Easter egg on Edge back in November, when the browser began its rollout. Now, it’s been expanded into a larger game. It features classic SkiFree slalom gameplay, where players attempt to avoid obstacles as they duck dive and weave through the surf.

The main mode is an endless scroller where obstacles are plentiful, and deadly. Ramps give players some sick air, and hearts replenish health lost to dangers like the swiftly-moving Kraken.

As outlined in a tweet by Microsoft Edge Senior Program Manager William Devereux, the new game will feature three different modes (surf mode, time trial and slalom mode), and can be played with keyboard, mouse, touch or gamepads.

There’s also a high score tally board available so players can track their progress even when the internet goes down.

The game features a cute pixel aesthetic and simple gameplay that’s surprisingly addictive, even if the game doesn’t appear that deep. Keen Edge users will be able to access it from edge://surf/ when it goes live. It looks to be a good little distraction, and a fun Easter egg for Edge users. So, get those righteous fingers ready. A full release is expected soon.


      • if you’re using W10 at home, I would just replace the old edge with the new chromium one

        even if you’re not using as the main browser, it’s infinitely better then on the old edge (imo)

          • I haven’t stressed tested the new Edge and I still mostly use Chrome at home

            I just don’t see any reason to keep the old edge on any of my PCs given how crappy it was in the first place heh

          • It was never particularly crappy. In fact it was actually quite good. Useable clean interface, synced with my phone, no major compatibility or performance issues. I have not used it as my main browser since the original announcement it was being replaced by a chromium version. I switched to Vivaldi at that point since it has more robust features if I’m gonna be stuck using chromium regardless.
            However I still have the original edge not the new one as theres no real point having multiple browsers if they are all still running chromium.

    • You should use Edge anyway! It’s by far the best KHTML/Webkit-derived web browser on the market today!

      I’ve been using it since last year on Mac and Windows and it’s just… nice. It actually renders websites properly (unlike Firefox), supports ad blocking (unlike Safari) and isn’t made by an internet advertising company (unlike Chrome).

      • I tried Edge when it was first released and it was just like Windows Phone 10 – a really great idea that was going to be amazing once it was finished.

        And then it was never finished.

  • Totally going to have to turn this off at work. Kids were messing up their wifi and saying “internet is broken” to play the Chrome dinosaur game. I see the same thing happening here.

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