Ubisoft Made Working Sandboxes For Apple TV’s Mythic Quest

Ubisoft Made Working Sandboxes For Apple TV’s Mythic Quest
Image: Mythic Quest

Mythic Quest‘s expansion is the driving force behind Apple’s game dev-inspired TV series of the same name. But while the series is peppered with plenty of footage from Ubisoft’s back catalogue, particularly shots of For Honor, viewers might not realise that one of Ubisoft’s studios went to the trouble of making custom game footage for the series, too.

You’ll see shots of the “fake” game usually between segments or major scenes. For Honor tends to pop up a lot and it’s the most obvious since it has the nicest graphics of any “game” shown in Mythic Quest‘s first season, although other games including Kingdom Come: Deliverance make an appearance.

But as the episodes progress, the show eventually reveals “in-game footage” from Mythic Quest. It’s a lot blockier, almost reminiscent of the early World of Warcraft days with a colour palette more akin to Everquest or RuneScape. But it’s a real working gameplay, created by Red Storm Entertainment – a Ubsioft studio behind Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR and a support studio for The Division and The Division 2 – specifically for the show.

“We worked with a real game dev team, to make a fake game, that feels like a real game, for a TV series,” Jason Altman, an executive producer on Mythic Quest and head of film and television for Ubisoft, told the Hollywood Reporter.

“What they created were actually small gameplay sandboxes that we could bring to set, and the actors could sit and play with them and it would actually inform their performances,” Altman said.

Mythic Quest‘s first season is available on AppleTV+, but the series was already renewed for a second season before the premiere.

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