All The New Anime On Netflix In March

netflix new anime australia march 2020

It's a big month for anime on Netflix in March: Castlevania returns, there's seven more Studio Ghibli films, and the maker of Cowboy Bebop offers his take on Altered Carbon.

Update 29/02: It's not officially March 1 yet, but Netflix Australia has gone live with the Studio Ghibli movies anyway.

Studio Ghibli (March 1)

Some of Ghibli's biggest films in the West make their way to Netflix in March, including Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke.

  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)
  • Princess Mononoke (1997)
  • My Neighbours the Yamadas (1999)
  • Spirited Away (2001)
  • The Cat Returns (2002)
  • Arrietty (2010)
  • The Tale of The Princess Kaguya (2013)

Castlevania: Season 3 (March 5)

netflix new anime australia march 2020

Belmont and Sypha settle into a village with sinister secrets, Alucard mentors a pair of admirers, and Isaac embarks on a quest to locate Hector.

BEASTARS (March 13)

netflix new anime australia march 2020

In a world where beasts of all kinds coexist, a gentle wolf awakens to his own predatory urges as his school deals with a murder within its midst.

Altered Carbon: Resleeved (March 19)

netflix new anime australia march 2020

Dai Sato, the creative mind behind Cowboy Bebop, further explores and expands upon the Altered Carbon universe in this anime adaptation.

Sol Levante (March 23)

netflix new anime australia march 2020

An experimental project between Netflix and Production I.G, one of the leading anime production companies in Japan, to produce the world's first 4K HDR native hand-drawn anime short.

7SEEDS: Part 2 (March 26)

netflix new anime australia march 2020

The world they knew is long gone. Their new environment is dangerous, but not as deadly as their fellow humans. Based on the award-winning manga by Yumi Tamura, "7SEEDS" returns for Part 2.


    there's a part 2 to 7Seeds? huh might have to watch Part 1 now lol

    Interested to watch the Altered Carbon series.

    The live-action Netflix series was 'eh in my opinion and became extra-eh' after reading the book

      Is 'eh a good or bad rating?

        Out of good or bad, bad.

        But really it's more of an apathetic "Eh' Could have been better, but it wasn't terrible."

    Beastars was so good I went out and bought the manga (which ironically, as it is currently being rereleased in condensed volumes every two months, means I am not up to the point in the story that the anime is up to).

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