Ninja Pop Vinyl Leaks Early

Ninja Pop Vinyl Leaks Early

Ninja is getting a Funko Pop Vinyl, but you’re not supposed to know it yet.

At Toy Fair 2020, hundreds of brand new toys were revealed, including a raft of Funko Pop Vinyls. One of them was absent from the official Funko reveals. A glimpse of the newly (but not officially) announced Ninja Funko Pop Vinyl appeared on Instagram via Funko POP News.

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Not officially revealed today, but a Ninja Funko POP! Should be on the way too ~ !! Click-Able links are available in profile !! Grab the latest POPs at the links below! Entertainment Earth ~ Amazon ~ Hot Topic ~ Box Lunch ~ Funko Shop ~ For the latest Funko News see below! Head over to our Twitter at Our facebook over at And our website is located at FunkoPOPNews.COM #FPN #FunkoPOPNews #fnkpp #Funko #POP #FunkoPOP #POPVinyls #Vinyls #Funkos #POPs #Collectibles #Vinyl #VinylFigure #FunkoNews #Loungefly #popfunko #popvinyl #funkoaddict #funkoig #funkogram #funkofunatic #funkomania #funkofamily #originalfunko #funkocollector #NewYorkToyFair #NYTF #ToyFair

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While Entertainment Earth, Hot Topic and Amazon were all listed as potential stockists, none of them currently appear to be selling the Ninja Pop Vinyl.

As of Monday morning it was listed for sale at Popcultcha and JB Hi-Fi in Australia, but the listings have since been taken down. While Popcultcha’s pre-order landing page is still available via Google, it only leads to an error page as of Monday afternoon. The original version of the page can be accessed via caching.

Ninja Pop Vinyl Leaks Early

Kotaku Australia has reached out to Popcultcha to confirm the Australian release of the Ninja Pop Vinyl.

JB Hi-Fi’s listing has a release date of April 30, but the original page has also been taken down from live view.

Ninja Pop Vinyl Leaks Early

While nearly every pop culture property, from The Golden Girls to Weird Al Yankovic have already received their own Pop Vinyls, this marks the first time that a professional gamer has made an appearance in the toy line. Ninja’s merchandising has recently expanded to include a ‘Get Good’ gaming book and an official ‘gamer wig’, so a Pop Vinyl was the next logical step.

You can check out a more detailed view of the Pop Vinyl from pop vinyl fan FunkoNorm:

It’s likely that Ninja’s Pop was recalled from pre-order to be officially announced at a later date.

Update 25/2: In a emailed statement to Kotaku Australia, Popcultcha confirmed that they were asked to remove the item from their website by their supplier.

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  • Does that hand guesture mean anything special to Ninja fans? Outside of any context, it just looks like it’s asking for money.

    • The phrase “More plastic crap” is such a weak mindset.

      There’s always Pop Vinyls to purchase, and always room
      for expansion, never stop collecting.


        • I still do not even understand the mass appeal behind them. I find them kind of creepy, like they’ve gone for cute, but the proportions are just slightly off and so comes across as somewhere between saccharin and uncanny to me.

          But whatever though. People will buy what they want and I’ll just hold onto my Darth Vader one that was gifted to me for Christmas.

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