Report: Coronavirus Is Causing Even More Nintendo Switch Supply Issues

Report: Coronavirus Is Causing Even More Nintendo Switch Supply Issues
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The coronavirus is causing nightmares for the global supply chain of all sorts of products – and, according to a new Bloomberg report, Nintendo’s Switch woes are getting worse.

The paywalled report notes that sources “with knowledge of [Nintendo’s] supply chain” have reported that a lack of components is affecting Nintendo’s partner assembly operations in Vietnam. The Vietnam factory is largely used for supplying Switches to the United States, and the shortage is related to a lack of certain components used to build the Switch.

A lack of components in February, according to Bloomberg, “would affect Switch units scheduled for arrival in April”. That’s obviously a huge problem, since it’s just after the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, one of Nintendo’s biggest first-party titles since the release of the Switch and a game expected to help drive interest in new consoles (particularly the Animal Crossing skinned Switch).

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Nintendo already advised investors that Switch supply would be limited in Japan due to the coronavirus. The company later confirmed that pre-orders of the Animal Crossing skinned Switch would be delayed to an unannounced date.

It’s worth noting that these delays will only affect future shipments: shipments of Switches for this month and next have already been shipped. The problem is how Nintendo deals with the bottleneck. The United States makes up 43 percent of Nintendo’s business, and any adjusting in their global supply chain to ensure units could affect the availability of consoles in other regions, Australia included.


  • Who would have thought anything could go wrong if the bulk of the entire world’s manufacturing capacity got centralised in a single country?

    • Nintendo would have gotten pricing at scale to save some monies. The question is did the savings justify the risk of this event and subsequent media huhbub about it. I’m gonna guess yes as this would suggest demand is high.

  • Oh damn. Because obviously my main concern was if I can buy a switch or not.

    Stupid child/virtually slave workers and their uncontrollable illnesses often leading to death.

    They need to get their priorities straight clearly. Lucky this article exists to point them in the right direction.

  • I think the bigger issue is the fact people are dying from Coronavirus out there, and then Kotaku would rather talk of how it’s affecting Nintendo’s Switch supply.
    Nintendo is immensely wealthy and successful. They can easily afford to lose a few units they needed to build or sell. The people on the other hand, cannot afford to lose their loved ones.

    • Obviously the coronavirus is a massive problem worldwide, but this isn’t a general news site, it’s a gaming site, and so obviously this news is relevant to the gaming world. What’s the logic here: don’t post about this because there is a bigger problem with the coronavirus?

      • A lot of the news posted here isn’t relevant to games anyway. There’s anime/manga, movies, and even an old article (which was actually pretty decent) on the Peanuts comic strip.
        My logic here is that while this may be a gaming news website, not everything has to be about it. It’s unnecessary in comparison to the weight of the human impact the Coronavirus is having.

        • Yeah, that’s true. I read an old remark on a story almost a decade ago that put it well: Kotaku is a site for things gamers are interested in, not just games, which covers a lot of the human element and games adjacent stuff we cover really well.

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