Oh Look, New Zealand Has 4Gbps Internet Now

Oh Look, New Zealand Has 4Gbps Internet Now
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Japan offering 10Gbps plans was bad enough. But to rub salt into the wound of Australian internet further, New Zealand has started offering 2Gbps and 4Gbps plans, with capacity for 8Gbps speeds in the future.

The services are being made available through Kiwi provider Chorus, which recently launched their Hyperfibre broadband product this month. It’ll be available initially in Cromwell, Queenstown, Wanaka and Wakatipu, according to IT Brief, with the first plans being 2000 Mbps and 4000 Mbps (that’s 2Gbps/4Gbps).

Just reading the description for the Hyperfibre product page will make Australians weep.

Customers connecting to Hyperfibre will need to be connected directly to the fibre network at the local exchange, and a technician will come out and replace the dwelling’s network terminal with a new one capable of supporting the faster plans. It’s not just a new network terminal though: providers are warning consumers that you’ll need Cat 6 ethernet cabling in your house and a laptop or PC with a 10GE network card.

It’s worth noting that Chorus aren’t the ones selling the plans directly to customers, as they’re simply the wholesaler. Orcon are the first providers in New Zealand to sell Hyperfibre, with a 4Gbps plan available for $NZ199.95/month ($191) on a 12-month contract.

Given the hardware requirements, the 4Gbps plan really isn’t for most people, particularly given each port out of most routers would only be capable of pushing 1Gbps at a time anyway. But that’s OK, because New Zealanders can still get casual 950/500Mbps fibre plans starting from about $NZ85 a month.

And to think Aussies wouldn’t take 1Gbps plans even if they were free.


    • We couldn’t really expect to much from a Polly created service now could we, anything done by a Government Department costs ten times what a normal person could get it done for and it’s never done properly any way.
      At least 5G is coming at full speed ahead and with in two years most of us won’t even remember what the NBN was.
      Telstra, Optus and Vodafone all had plans to upgrade their services until Krudd put his plan into place.
      Look at how many years it’s been now and people still don’t have access to the NBN, over $90 billion dollars later and it’s worse than a Joke as we paid for it, it didn’t cost Krudd anything except his job 😉

      • We never got the Labor planned NBN, so label it what it actually is. This is the el-cheapo version pushed by the Liberal government where a lucky few win the NBN lottery and get FTTP and the rest of us get screwed.

        • And even FTTP is a joke — a colleague has it and never gets 100Mbps in the evenings. When that infrastructure should easily be capable of 1Gbps, yet the backbones can’t support it… it just makes me cry.

          • I have no issue with my fttp connection in the evenings, they need to either a) troubleshoot, b)stop using wifi or c) switch to an isp that actually keeps on top of CVC/backhaul.
            My first NBN isp was an absolute disaster in the evenings, ~.5mbps in the evenings, and they kept signing up new customers in the area. Switched and boom full evening speeds again

      • Typical Lib croney forgetting that their beloved party was the one who stooged us back into the stone age.

        You wanted it CHEAPER, FASTER (as in getting in faster) mate, so enjoy the Libs NBN in all its glory!

        I still remember my Lib voting mates laughing at me when I said “They’re going to butcher the NBN and send us back into the stone age”. I believe they said something like “umm… as someone who is so involved in finance, I find it amusing that you think internet speed is more important than the Libs fixing the economy and what would you need fast internet even for anyways? It’s fast enough as it is.”

        Fast forward to today, Libs have absolutely tanked the economy (still blame labor, 3 terms in) and our internet is lower than 3rd world countries (still blame labor like this dude conveniently forgetting they tanked the actual NBN with this hack band aid job).

        What a joke our current government and their fans are…

          • I have 5G on the Telstra network. While it’s great for some quicker speeds, like any wireless service, dropouts would hinder online play.

      • I think u need a sarcasm/joke tag mate..

        Oh wait you’re actually serious and blame Labor for the Libs version of NBN? And you reaaaaaallly thought fixed line internet was going to be upgraded? Suuuuurre..

  • Useful if you’re running a business from home. and to be fair, you can get these speeds in the major cities in Australia… you’re just going through Telstra or TPG business and paying much much more for it.

  • I average 300-400GB per month on my 50/20mbit plan. With 2 adults and 3 kids and no access to OTA TV, we stream a hell of a lot of TV and videos. The funniest thing is that I could easily double that just by upgrading everyone’s screen to 4K screens. I would love to have a top tier of internet that was 4gbit so I could have access to a reasonable 1gbit connection but unfortunately the fiber rollout in my area got cancelled not long after the initial cable rollout in the area so I will never see anything faster than what FTTN (or possible FTTC) could provide…

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